Wishes for the New Year

By Brad Lucht

Brad Lucht, contributing writer for The Telegraph, has been making the rounds of the various Christmas parties being held by this organization and that, asking people this one question, “What are your wishes for the New Year.”  Here are their replies.


“Good health.  And a better iron game.” — Steve Rinne, Business Development Officer, Economic Development Corp of Kansas City

“I wish that the people would hear my album and make it a success, because I want to open a music store in Kansas City, Kansas,  a music store selling instruments and also giving lessons, guitar lessons, piano, keyboard, drum, all that. They don’t have a music store in Wyandotte County, so I’m trying to change that.  It’ll be called Dixon’s Music.” — Charles Dixon, blues musician, has an album coming out in early January called, “Shh … the Baby’s Sleepin’”.

“We all wish that people won’t be homeless, and that those that are more fortunate than others take the responsibility to help those that aren’t as fortunate as everybody else.” — Craig Bland, former State Representative; past president, Freedom, Inc.

“Everyone show a little bit of kindness to one another, a little extra love.” — Wakisha Briggs, Board President, Hickman Mills School District

“Peace.  The world just seems to be in a bit of turmoil, in every area that you can think of.  I just pray that we can all realize what the season means for each and every individual, and that we can just have peace. — Beverly Cunningham, President, Center School Board

“Building community, and neighbors caring about one another.” — Nola Wood, President, Terrace Lake Gardens Homes Association

“My wish is to build even bigger and stronger community and police relationships then we did in 2018.” — Officer Mary McCall, Community Interaction Officer, South Patrol Division, Kansas City Police Department.

“I really want peace and prosperity for people, because there is so much violence in this world.  Turbulence and trauma that’s going on in people’s lives. Things that we don’t know about. I want everybody to have a sense of peace.  I want prosperity for people, because God wants us all to be prosperous. God doesn’t want us to long or want for anything. That’s why I want peace and prosperity for everyone.  In the words of Tiny Tim, ‘God bless us, everyone.’“ — Richard Brown, Representative, 27th District, Missouri Legislature.

“Good health, and being mindful of how to obtain that and sustain that.” — Lamar Coleman, Spire Energy.

“I wish prosperity, peace, and that our great city will have an opportunity to choose new, dynamic leadership, to lead us in these tough times we have ahead of us as a country.” — Eslun Tucker, board member, South Kansas City Alliance.

“Peace on earth.  Communities that support children.  People that care about each other, take care of each other, keep each other safe.” — Dr. Sharon Nibbelink, Superintendent, Center School District.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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