Grandview Schools upgrade security

New updates that will enhance the safety and security of Grandview school district buildings are taking place at Grandview High School and Grandview Middle School through Winter break.

The Board of Education recently approved the installation of 137 state of the art surveillance cameras and software that will be installed at Grandview High School before the break. Some of the new cameras are multi-sensor cameras, which can be the equivalent of 194 cameras throughout the building. The new camera system provides coverage for the entire GHS campus including the field house and football field. There is also specific coverage for hallways, doors, and high-security areas.

A new front door camera and entryway system will also be installed. This will create an extra layer of safety when visitors enter the building.

Front entryway improvements are also taking place at Grandview Middle School. The middle school will also be getting a similar security vestibule as the high school. It will include a double passageway system divided into two separate compartments, one for entry and one for the exit.

The security measures are the latest bond projects for the 2018-2019 school year. The renovations will take place throughout Winter Break.

1 thought on “Grandview Schools upgrade security

  1. Is this project evidence-based or fear-based? Has their been an increase in violence to justify the decision?

    How much will the installation cost?

    How much will the monitoring cost? Where will those funds come from?

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