Mental Music: A Musical CBD Experience

By Paul Edelman

Justin Keller, manager at Mental Music CBD+, sits in the guitar room where customers can test instruments. Photo by Bill Rankin.

A unique business has entered the south Kansas City community with a particularly novel concept. Mental Music CBD+, at 12929 State Line Road next to Luther’s BBQ, opened its doors recently and offers a musically tinged feel-good experience that reflects in its items. The assortment of products ranges from flutes, hand drums, mandolins and guitars to CBD oil and plant balms. Jim Keller and a partner own the store, while Keller’s son Justin is the on-site manager. The Martin City Telegraph spoke with Keller about his expectations for the young store and its mission.  

Keller explains that Mental Music CBD+ is not solely a CBD shop nor a music shop, but a combination of sorts. Regarding the store’s focus, he says it’s centered on “more health and wellness, than anything.” As a business owner, he endeavors to offer a variety of products that bring a relaxed, serene experience through different means.  

“The name Mental Music is a play on words. All the products help you feel better,” Keller says.  He goes on to clarify that since all products in the store are designed with the goal of feeling better, they ideally will create a sort of “music” or mood within a person, bringing relief and freedom from pain. Whether that relief comes from  cannabidiol oil, a balm for arthritis, or even the peaceful strumming of a ukulele, the store’s array of products is designed around the simple and natural human concept of wanting to feel better.

Regarding what experience Keller would like customers to have in his store, he replies, “A good one. A friendly face. A very relaxed environment.” For those curious about how Mental Music does business and their products, Keller says the public is welcome to come in and look around and even test the instruments. He’s confident Mental Music will have something for everyone.  

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