Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers opens local office

By Sue Reames

Kelsi Harsh (l) and Melissa Vaughn  are ready to welcome clients to invisible ink Tattoo Removers.Photo by Sue Reames

While tattoos are popular and some are artistically stunning, lives may change, and the person who once took great pride in a permanently applied symbol begins to rethink that decorative ink.

Melissa Vaughn, general manager of Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers, wants to assure everyone that an unwanted tattoo can be removed, faded or corrected.  Her clients come from all backgrounds, including teachers, business leaders, ex-convicts and people who have simply undergone a change in life circumstances. Vaughn says she enjoys hearing the history of each tattoo and finds satisfaction in being able to free clients from guilt and negative or unwanted memories associated with the tattoos.

For those considering fading their ink, a trip to Invisible Ink is in order. A certified technician conducts a careful assessment with each prospective client to determine a number of factors.  What intensity and type of ink was used in the tattoo? How much fading is required to get the desired effect? What is the client’s skin type and how many treatments will give the desired result?  Most clients achieve results in as few as five treatments scheduled 6-8 weeks apart, although some tattoos may require further sessions.

Before each treatment a local anesthetic and cooling agent is applied.  Advanced Pico Laser Technology treatments provide high powered energy pulses to break down the ink, allowing the body to naturally eliminate the unwanted design.  Each treatment takes only a few minutes. Clients are guaranteed a final cost that will not be exceeded.

Invisible Ink is the largest tattoo removal chain in the world, with offices in most major cities and documented results with over 50,000 clients.  The newly opened Martin City office is located at 13165 State Line Rd. In addition to Vaughn, the team includes Amanda Carter, vice president of clinical operations; Sarah Browning, assistant manager; and Kelsi Harsh, laser manager.  They are licensed aestheticians and have been certified in laser use by a master trainer.

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