And they’re off! Candidates file to run for mayor

Scott Taylor, 6th District-at-Large Councilman, was the first to file and will therefor be listed first on the crowded ballot for mayor. Photo by Martin City CID.

By John Sharp

A total of 11 candidates submitted enough voters’ signatures and filed their candidacy to run for KCMO mayor in the April 2 nonpartisan primary election to replace term-limited Mayor Sly James, including six current members of the 12-member City Council.

The candidates for mayor who had filed by the January 8 deadline are Councilwoman Alissia Canady, Clay Chastain, Phillip Glynn, Councilwoman Jolie Justus, Henry Klein, Vincent Lee, Councilman Quinton Lucas, Steve Miller, Councilman Jermaine Reed, Councilman Scott Taylor and Councilman Scott Wagner.

Candidates are listed on the ballot in the order they file for office.  Reliable sources report that 6th District-at-Large Councilman Taylor will be listed first on the crowded ballot for mayor.  Political consultants generally feel that being first on the ballot, particularly in a crowded field, can give candidates a 2-4 percent bump in votes.

Voters will be able to vote for mayor, six at-large City Council candidates and a Council candidate from their own district in April.  The two top vote getters in each race will advance to the June 18 general election, and the winners will take office for 4-year terms on August 1.

Councilman Kevin McManus, 6th District Councilman whose district covers most of south Kansas City, is unopposed for reelection.

In the 5th District that also covers a substantial portion of south Kansas City (primarily east of Troost or Holmes Rd. and north of I-435/I-470) five candidates filed to replace Councilwoman Canady.  They are:  Edward Bell, Bryan Dial, Stephen Gordon, Ryana Parks-Shaw and Mitchell Sudduth.

The candidates in the four contested at-large races are:   State Representative Brandon Ellington and Rev. Wallace Hartsfield, II for the 3rd District-at-Large to replace Councilman Lucas; Councilwoman Katheryn Shields, Austin Strassle and Robert Westfall for the 4th District-at-Large; Councilman Lee Barnes, Jr., James “Erik” Dickinson and Dwayne Williams for the 5th District-at-Large; and Andrea Bough and Stacey Johnson-Cosby for the 6th District-at-Large to replace Councilman Taylor.

Two at-large candidates are unopposed:  Kevin O’Neill for the 1st District-at-Large to replace Councilman Wagner and Councilwoman Teresa Loar for the 2nd District-at-Large.

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