Scott Taylor opened his campaign headquarters Saturday, January 19. It is located next to Caleb’s at the Red Bridge Shopping Center.

 Scott Taylor for KC Mayor opens campaign headquarters

City Councilman Scott Taylor has been an integral part in getting the Red Bridge Shopping Center redeveloped. After months of watching restaurants and new businesses move into the center, he will now reap the benefits of being a tenant as well.

The Taylor for KC Mayor campaign has opened its campaign headquarters at the Red Bridge Shopping Center (519 E. Red Bridge Road).  It is located in the revitalized Red Bridge Shopping Center.    The space is located next to Caleb’s breakfast in what was once Young’s Deli.

Councilman Scott Taylor who will be listed first on the ballot for Mayor on April 2nd said, “we worked together as a community to revitalize this neighborhood shopping center and bring a family destination back to life.  When we work together in Kansas City and collaborate, great things happen.”  

The Red Bridge Shopping Center was in serious decline before Taylor worked with neighborhood leaders and the small business community to revitalize a shopping center that was over 50 percent vacant just a few years ago.  Since then, Blue Moose restaurant has opened, Crows Coffee shop, Euston Hardware store, Caleb’s breakfast and Brookside Barrio Mexican restaurant will be open in March.  The Mid-Continent library is expanding and doubling its space into a modern library in the old bowling alley. The Wonderscope state of the art Children’s Museum will be built in 2019 also.

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  1. Taxpayers are paying 85% of the purchase, “sprucing up” and maintenance of the Red Bridge Shopping Center. Councilman Taylor also directed $500K in PIAC funds to Lane4, owner of the shopping center, money that wasn’t spent improving our neighborhood streets or sidewalks.

    The promotional piece goes on to state that, “The Mid-Continent library is expanding and doubling its space. ” .That is a factually incorrect statement, to put it mildly. At most the sq. ft. Will increase by 20%, the same amount as the intended expansion on the existing site. The only difference is, now the Mid Continent Public Library will pay monthly rent to Lane4, whereas the library owns its current location. The resulting loss of funds means less services and fewer new books.

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