Chiropractic clinic goes beyond basic spine manipulation

One Source Wellness feels more like a spa than a clinic. That’s because a relaxing atmosphere is just one of their many approaches to spinal health.

Arlando Chandler, Amy Lundin-Joran, Cindy Stoneking, Kimberly Idleburg and Amy Powell make up the One Source Wellness team. Photo by Talal Alaseeri.

One Source Wellness wants to be your one-stop shop for wellness

By Kathy Feist

Take one step inside One Source Wellness and the senses are treated to essential oil aromatherapy, dimmed lighting, and cozy furniture and home decor. The relaxing atmosphere sets the tone for the chiropractic clinic’s holistic approach to health.

A step through the door brings your mind into a state of relaxation. Photo by Talal Alaseeri.

One Source Wellness, located on the second floor of the Red Bridge Professional Building, offers massage and chiropractic care. The practice includes three chiropractors: Amy Lundin-Joran, Cindy Stoneking and Kimberly Idleburg; a massage therapist Arlando Chandler, and an office manager, Amy Powell. A second massage therapist is expected to joint them at the end of February.

One Source Wellness recently offered acupuncture. It fit with their ceaseless goal to become a comprehensive health care clinic for their patients, a one-stop shop for wellness.

“We would like to add providers who are holistic minded,” says Lundin-Joran who owns One Source Wellness along with Stoneking.

“We think people in general are tired of walking into a doctor’s office and given three prescriptions to treat symptoms as opposed to the holistic approach of taking care of themselves,” says Stoneking.

They would one day like to have a medical provider or even a counselor in the office. “That way we can offer the full body experience that deals with the emotional/spiritual/psychological connection,” says Lundin-Joran, adding that a patient’s pain can be deeply seeded due to emotional trauma as well as physical, such as a kidney infection.

For now, each chiropractor provides her own specialty in addition to traditional spinal manipulation.

Hot coffee and cocoa are available at the waiting area. Photo by Talal Alaseeri.

In addition to pain management, Lundin-Joran offers nutrition and weight loss counseling.

Stoneking specializes in the use of a spring-loaded device called an Activator. The Activator is useful on babies and elderly patients because of its gentle force.

Idleburg is certified in the Graston technique, which is used by physical therapists as well as chiropractors. The technique involves a scraping of the skin with a flat stainless steel instrument. The scraping breaks up knots in the muscle tissue.

Prior to treatment, every patient lies on an automated roller massage table with the warmth of a heated, damp towel on the back. But a full body massage is also available by massage therapist Chandler. Chandler offers 30 to 60 minute massages, which can include cupping (hot suction cups) or singing bowls (vibrating bells placed on the body).

Receiving a massage prior to a chiropractic treatment not only relaxes the muscles to make the manipulation more successful, but also flushes fluid from tissue, known as the lymphatic system. Massages can be scheduled independent of chiropractic care.

One Source Wellness is located at 400 E. Red Bridge Rd, #210. For more information, go to their website at or call 816-832-8582.

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