Results, not just rapport, should win the KC mayoral race

South KC’s revitalization gives an overwhelming nod to the area’s hometown candidate.

During Scott Taylor’s 8-year term as the area’s city councilman, south Kansas City has seen a rebirth. Photo courtesy Martin City CID.

Results, not just rapport, should win the KC mayoral race

By Kathy Feist, Martin City Telegraph publisher

This year there are many qualified candidates running for mayor of Kansas City.

But we’re talking south Kansas City, an area that is in the midst of a rebirth. And for that reason,  the Martin City Telegraph is in favor of the homeboy.

Scott Taylor has been a part of the revitalization in south Kansas City the entire eight years of his 6th District-at-Large term. In that time, large corporations Cerner and Burns and McDonnell have chosen south Kansas City to build their headquarters, employing thousands.

Red Bridge Shopping Center, which had only a 45 percent occupancy three years ago, is now masterfully reconstructed and close to 90 percent full.

Martin City has transformed from an industrialized area to a charming Main Street USA thanks to the sidewalks, landscaping and street resurfacing implemented in the past four years.

Ward Parkway, Watt’s Mill, Hickman Mills, Wornall Road have undergone or are undergoing revitalization.

Our readers love to read about the growth in this area. But it doesn’t easily happen. It takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work to find developers who want to take a risk on an area time has let slip away. It takes work to get city financing for the area you represent.

Taylor’s primary passion in this race is to continue redevelopment in other parts of the city. He has introduced the Eastside Revitalization Plan. I believe because of his connections and experience, the much needed revitalization on the east side will happen. And when it does, jobs will follow and housing will be affordable…maybe, just maybe, violence will decline.

Taylor has been criticized for not having a flamboyant personality. But we’ve all known people who can talk a good talk. Taylor walks the walk.

As for a second candidate, we still stick with the south side team and recommend Alissia Canady who grew up in the Hickman Mills area and now represents the 5th District, which is partly in our readership area.

The Martin City Telegraph is not in favor of any candidate who is completely unfamiliar with Martin City (it IS part of KC) or got out of the race when things got tough and back in when it looked easy. That’s not leadership.

If you want to keep the momentum going here in south KC, vote for your south KC candidate. And vote for those who stand on a mountain of results, not just rapport.

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