Ranch Rodeo comes to Martin City

On Saturday, 12 area ranches will compete in an indoor ranch rodeo at Saddle & Sirloin, 144 & Holmes. Don’t know what a ranch rodeo is? Find out here.

Horses dance, cows jump and cowboys fly at Saddle & Sirloin’s Ranch Rodeo

Kids compete in various fun activities, including roping a dummy cow. Photo by Ken O’Renick

By Kathy Feist

Farm chores may seem mundane to the average ranch hand. But put in context of a competitive ranch rodeo, they can get pretty fierce.

Twelve ranches will compete in fast-paced events based on the type of work they do every day.

Saddle and Sirloin, located at 14401 Holmes Rd., will hold its Annual Ranch Rodeo on Saturday, May 4, starting at 2 p.m. A children’s competition starts at 1 p.m.

Children’s Rodeo

The Kid’s Corral kicks off the event.  Children will participate in barrel racing on stick horses, roping dummy cows, and tying ribbons on calves’ tails.

The Posse

Saddle and Sirloin’s 8-member formation riding team, The Posse, just took first place at the prestigious Equifest in Topeka this year. Formation riding is when a group of riders perform synchronized routines to music.  With flags in hand, The Posse will officially open the Ranch Rodeo at 2 p.m.

The Saddle and Sirloin Posse, a horse formation team, took first place at this year’s Equifest in Topeka.

Stray Gathering

Four cowboys from each team must quickly sort out a certain number of calves from a herd of 12, depending on what the announcer directs. For example, the term “3, #3”, demands that a team must race to the herd at the opposite end of the building and sort out the three calves marked with a #3 and herd them over a crossing line without any other calves.

Trailer Loading

This competition is based on how fast a calf can be roped and loaded into a trailer with the door shut behind it.

Team Penning

A team must get cattle pulled from one end of the building into a temporary pen at the other end. It sounds easy but the cattle scramble.

In the popular Wild Cow Milking competition, a family of ranchers must get milk into a beer bottle from an uncooperative cow. Photo by Ken O’Renick.

Wild Cow Milking

An uncooperative heifer fully engorged with milk must be roped and milked into a beer bottle. In this competition, the cows are bucking and the cowboys are flying.

Barrel Race Invitational

For the first year, this invitational is open to women; however, it is still uncertain whether any women will participate. The event requires cowboys (and girls) to race their horses around barrels.

Also first this year is a food truck on the premises. Beauty of the Bistro will serve a variety of burgers, tacos and specialized sandwiches

Tickets are $10 the day of the event.

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