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Why be boring? Here are some unique Mother’s Day gift ideas to keep it fun

Mom deserves the most amazing thank you in the world. Here are some unique 2019 trends for your special mom.

Mother’s Day Gift Trends for 2019

By  Christina McDonough Hunt

Mother’s Day has been nationally celebrated in the United States for over 110 years.  It is a holiday dedicated to showing moms across the nation just how loved and appreciated she is.  And every year, families buy gifts or do things for Mom to say “thank you for all that you do, day in and day out, for us”.  But, sometimes it can be hard to find that special gift for that amazing person who does so much and has everything! Mom is special.  She is unique. And she deserves the most amazing thank you in the world, so here are some special and unique 2019 trends for your special mom.  

Do you love giving those ‘traditional gifts’ for Mom?  Spice them up with these fun ideas:

  • Flowers:  Flowers have a way of making people smile.  They offer vibrant colors to a space, a pleasant smell, and a feel of the outdoors right inside your room!  But, Mom deserves flowers more than one day a year, wouldn’t you agree? Consider giving Mom a fresh bouquet of flowers delivered to her door once a month with a Flower of the Month subscription.  There are many great florists in the South Kansas City area that do these subscriptions, call today and customize a monthly plan that will work for you, and for Mom.
  • Cards and Jewelry:  Beautiful cards are filled with amazing words that have a way of telling Mom how you feel about her more than your tongue could ever express.  Express those words through a fun scavenger hunt. Begin with a card on Mom’s nightstand for when she wakes up. The card can say, ‘Good Morning Beautiful!  Thank you for all you do for us. We love you so much! We want to show you and tell you how grateful we are for you, so please go to the laundry room for your next card’.  In the laundry room, maybe the laundry is done and the card says, ‘Thank you for always making sure we have clean clothes, you’re the best! Now please go to the kitchen for you next card’.  The kitchen is cleaned and breakfast is waiting for her to enjoy, with another note. Continue this trend and waiting for her in the last place she goes is a beautiful necklace or bracelet for her to enjoy and wear.  
  • A Love Journal:  Consider a journal filled with all the reasons why you are grateful for her everyday, and be sure to continue to fill it out throughout the year!
These children have a special surprise in mind for their mother. Photo by Christina Hunt-McDonough

You might be saying, those are great ideas, but our Mom is a ‘not-so-traditional’ Mom.  Great! The trend in 2019 is experiences. Moms have everything these days, so consider giving gifts that make unforgettable memories that she will treasure forever.  

So, here are some great ideas for your ‘not-so-traditional’ mom:

  • A trip to Weston for her and a girlfriend:  They could stay one night, or a weekend, at a Bed and Breakfast, enjoy the local wineries or distillery, feast on amazing eats, check out the local shopping, and relax.  
  • A Wine Gift Basket:  This basket can include a bottle of her favorite wine, a wine glass, a tour of a local winery, and gift card.  
  • A Shopping Spree:  Give Mom gift cards to her favorite stores and carve out time for her to shop.  Childcare provided, of course!
  • Classes or Lessons:  Cooking classes, Golf or Tennis lessons, Private Karate or Defense lessons, Makeup classes, Painting classes, Yoga classes, a Jewelry Making class, a Gardening class (complete with a set of gardening tools), or a Pottery class
  • Tickets:  A concert, ballet, sporting event, movies, a comedy club, museum, etc.
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Family Hike
  • Picnic in the Park:  Spoil mom with a relaxing picnic complete with a beautiful day at the park, and a fun, family game of crochet or Frisbee
  • Bike Ride
  • Coffees of Kansas City Basket:  Is Mom a coffee lover?  Give her gift certificates from the many local coffee shops in South KC.  She will love checking out new places!
  • Meal Delivery Subscription
  • Spa Day:  Mom deserves some relaxation.  A spa day is just the thing! She can enjoy a manicure, pedicure, facial, body massage, or even a makeover.
  • Deep Cleaning Service or Maid Service Subscription:  Mom will surely smile with this gift!  
  • Family Portrait Session:  Capture those memories for mom with a photo session.
  • Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea Party:  Host your own tea party or make a reservation at a local tea room.

This Mother’s Day, think outside the box.  Of course, she will love any gift you give her, but consider giving Mom something she’ll never expect.  A thoughtful gift can really make her feel that this Mother’s Day 2019 was truly all about her.

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