Martin City wins “Most Boring Town in America.” Now let’s party!

OneWheel brings the “Least Boring Party in America” to Martin City on Saturday afternoon, with skateboard ramps, music, family friendly competitions and food.

  Photo: Martin City Brewery owner Matt Moore explains in a video he submitted to OneWheel how Martin City qualifies as the country’s most boring town. 

 Martin City wins “Most Boring Town in America.” Now let’s party! 

  By Christina McDonough Hunt

It’s official.  Martin City has been voted ‘The Most Boring Town in America’ in the nationwide contest presented by Onewheel, a southern California based company that produces self-balancing motorized boards.  And to celebrate, Onewheel is coming to town on June 1st to throw the biggest and most exciting party you’ve ever seen! And you’re invited!

This epic event is free and will feature carnival attractions such as a mechanical bull, a dunk tank, free food and drinks, a Onewheel demo track with ramps, music, and family-friendly competitions such as a potato sack race, and a possible hot dog eating contest.  The party will take place in the parking lot of the Martin City Event Space, 135th & Holmes Rd. from 1-4pm on June 1. Parking will be available in the Sutherland’s parking lot.

After the party, there will be a group ride for current Onewheel owners.  The ride will begin at the Martin City Event Space, and end at the Martin City Brewing Co., where the partying will continue.  The Martin City Brewing Co. is also unveiling a new beer in honor of Onewheel.

The Most Boring Town in America contest began as a fun marketing concept that would get small towns involved.  

“Small towns don’t get enough love and we wanted to flip the script on that,” said Jack Mudd, Chief Evangelist for Onewheel.  “We wanted to host a contest, go to the winning town, and throw a not boring party, because Onewheels are fun!”

Over 400 video submissions competed for this title.  The Onewheel team narrowed down the top 3 submissions to Martin City, MO, Canyon, TX, and Liberty, SC.  People from all over the world then voted, and Martin City was crowned the winner.

“Martin City had the submission edge,” Mudd said.  “The video Matt [Moore] put together was the strongest.  There may have been more boring towns, but overall with the video and enthusiasm for us to come and throw a party, Martin City received over 800 votes, which was more than double the votes the other towns received.”  

“I’m an avid Onewheeler,” said Matt Moore, Director of Operations at Martin City Brewing Company.  “So, when the email was sent [announcing the competition] I talked with our marketing guy and we put together a quick satire.  And when [Onewheel] called, it was awesome!”

Moore has been a huge fan of Onewheel ever since he was introduced to the boards last summer.  His hope is to be able to promote Martin City, and the Onewheel brand in the Kansas City area and in the Midwest.  And he’s excited for the people of Martin City to be able to experience these boards first hand.

Martin City residents will have an opportunity to test out their skills on a Onewheel at the party.  Onewheel will have their highly trained professionals there to help each individual learn to ride. American Ramp Co. from Joplin, MO is providing ramps for those who are feeling a little more ambitious.  

“You don’t have to be an expert to ride [a Onewheel],”  said Mudd. “[The Onewheel] has technology to help you balance.”  

Onewheels have covered over 10 million miles since the company’s conception in 2014.  The boards allow you to ride on all terrains including off-road, trails, beaches, and more.

In the meantime, the Onewheel team is preparing for the most epic party to take place on this side of the Atlantic.  It should be a once-in-a-lifetime event for Martin City.

There’s just one question that remains.  Is Martin City truly the most boring town in America?  

‘It’s tough to ultimately make that final decision,”  Mudd laughed. “But, it’s been fun!”

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