Martin City has the region’s only passport center

No more standing in line at the region’s only Passport Center in Martin City. The nearest center is in Springfield, MO.

By Sue Loudon

Photos by Nicolette Vescovi

The Martin City Post Office at 10 E. 135th St, is one of only two post offices in Kansas and Missouri to have its own separate passport center. The other is in Springfield, MO.

No longer do you have to stand in line with people mailing packages or buying stamps. Even better, those people don’t have to wait behind people filling out applications for passports. And seating is available for those who do wait. The passport center is at the east end of the facility.

Unlike most post office offerings, seating is available while you wait at the Passport Center.

Passports are $110 for individuals 16 and older, $80 for children 15 and under, and a $35 dollar processing fee. Checks, money order or credit card are accepted. There is an additional fee for the necessary photo of your face without glasses or head covering. You can bring your own or they will take the photo for you. The cost of the photo is $15.

This office is open 8 am to 3 pm Monday through Saturday, and noon to 4 pm on Sunday. At the center, walk ups and appointments are accepted.

Routine service takes 4 to 6 weeks for a new passport. With expedited service it is two to three weeks but there is an additional charge of $60.

For more information, you can call this passport office directly at 816-943-8589 or 816-943-8539 or http://www.uspo/passport online.

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