Watts Mill produce stand moves to Waldo

The produce stand has followed Jaspers from 75th Street to 103rd Street. It now returns to its former home in Waldo.

Produce Stand moves to Waldo

By Kathy Feist

Frank DeLuna had just walked across the street to deliver boxes of fresh homegrown tomatoes to Jasper’s Italian Ristorante off 103rd and State Line Rd. For decades the produce stand and Jasper’s have been attached at the hip, but that will change in mid-June. The corner of the Watt’s Mill Price Chopper parking lot, where Everyday Produce Market stands, will soon become a used car lot. The produce stand was given 45 days to find a new home.

Konrad Pfeifauf, owner of  Everyday Produce Market, and former partner Frank DeLuna, will be moving the produce stand to 7610 Wornall Rd. Photo by Kathy Feist.

Konrad Pfeifauf, owner, has announced he will relocate to 7610 Wornall Rd., where a former Wendy’s is located. “The parking isn’t ideal,” said Feiffeuf. “But it’s just a block where we began.”

The produce market has always traveled with Jasper’s, which originated at 75th and Wornall. In the early 90s, Jasper’s moved to Watt’s Mill, selling the old property to Walgreen’s. The produce stand, then owned by DeLuna, moved with them. Pfeifauf says the location may be temporary until they find a larger space.

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