City begins demolition process of flooded 103rd & Wornall property

The abandoned buildings at 103rd Wornall are one step closer to demolition.

Cover Photo: Overgrown weeds surround the former 103 Square retail space off  103rd and Wornall Rd. Photo by Bill Rankin

103 Square Demolition Out for Bid

By Brad Lucht

The abandoned buildings at the northwest corner of 103rd and Wornall, formerly known as 103 Square, are one step closer to demolition.

The city opened bidding on the project June 3, with responses due June 18.

Diana Johnson, project manager with the water services department, told the Telegraph that, assuming the bidder’s submission of information is correct and in order, a contract could be let within 90 days after the bids have been opened.  

Given that it is a large site, comprising three commercial buildings, Johnson expects it take some effort to get it all done and hauled away.  “Just three to six months for that part,” she said. Johnson expects traffic control to be an issue as well, given how heavily trafficked 103rd Street is.

 “It could be a merry Christmas by the time it’s all down and seeded,” she chuckled.

The final cost for demolition?  $200K, plus or minus $50K.

After Demolition

When 6th District councilman Scott Taylor first announced the city’s purchase of the property, he informed attendees at a 2nd Friday event that a park would be built on the demolition site.  That is no longer the case.

“There are no plans (for a park),” Johnson said.  “We have not sat down and mapped out a plan for a park.”

Having said that, Johnson shared that students at Center Middle School have provided 20 to 30 ideas on how the space could be used.

“They have given some great designs for what could happen to the property after it has been made into a green space.  I certainly plan to share them with Parks & Rec if they do anything like that.”

Tall Grass

What catches most people’s attention is the tall grass growing up in front of the property.

“I do know that I have been told the grass is getting high,” Johnson said.  “We’ll try and see about getting it mowed.”

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