Jackson County property owners got a deadline extension on assessment appeals. But a new plan may create relief for all.

The Jackson County BOE gave its residents a break by extending the property assessment deadline to July 29. But will todays BOE meeting result in more good news for tax payers.

Christmas in July!

The BOE extends deadline for property value appeals to July 29

By Kathy Feist

For many who gave up hope on filing an appeal on their increased property values in Jackson County, the waters have parted. 

The Jackson County Board of Equalization (BOE) determined yesterday  that the deadline to file a formal review is now extended to July 29. The deadline had been set for June 8. 

Additionally, those who filed an informal appeal with the Jackson County Assessor’s office, but were denied, will have three weeks to appeal to the BOE based on the date they received the decision. So if you receive a negative decision from the Jackson County Assessor on July 30 for instance, you will still be given 21 days to appeal it to the BOE. Given that the assessor’s office has 22,000 cases to review, this is a real possibility. 

One member of the BOE, Preston Smith who represents the Blue Springs School District, has proposed to make changes across the board. His proposal, which will be heard on July 18, recommends that: 

  • If the property value jumped 200% or more, the new increase will instead be 14%
  • If the property value jumped 100% to 200%, the new increase will be 13%
  • If the property value jumped 15% to 100%, the new increase will be 12%
  • If the property value increased less than 12%, it will remain unchanged.

For now, property owners can download an online application at www.jacksongov.org/331/Board-of-Equalization-Appeals, or request one by mail by calling 816-881-3309 or by visiting the Jackson County Courthouse at 415 E. 12 St, Room 102, in Kansas City or at the Historic Truman Courthouse at 112 W. Lexington, Suite 145, in Independence. 

It is recommended that the application be supported by one of the following documents in order to receive a decision in your favor: formal appraisals or sale contracts, comparable sales, recent appraisal, income and expense operating statements for a three year period, rent roll or leases, depreciation schedules or closing statements of recent sale. The Board may also take into consideration the cost to cure items of deferred maintenance, current photos of condition (interior and exterior) and written estimate of repairs from a legitimate contractor (on foreclosures, rehabbed and new purchased properties). 

Appeal hearings are public and will be scheduled after July 1st and may conclude by the fourth Saturday in August unless extended by the Board.  

South KC resident and realtor Stacey Johnson-Cosby will be providing a step by step guide on how to prepare your appeal in front of the Jackson County Board of Equalization. She will be at the Robert Mohart Center, 3200 Wayne Ave, on July 18 at 11 a.m., Celt Realty Group office, 4435 Prospect Ave, July 18 at 6 pm and Southeast Community Center, 4201 E 63 St. o July 27 at 2 pm.

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