La Petite building demolished to make way for Wonderscope Children’s Museum

Many Red Bridge residents were surprised to see action at the future site of Wonderscope Children’s Museum in south Kansas City. It’s been over a year since the groundbreaking, but construction is just getting started.

By Kathy Feist

Photos by Bill Rankin

On Tuesday, July 23, the old La Petite building at the Red Bridge Shopping Center was razed to make way for Wonderscope Children’s Museum of Kansas City.

“We were caught by surprise,” says Roxanne Hills, executive director of Wonderscope. “We were expecting demolition next week.”

Demolition and cleanup of the former La Petite will be complete next week. Construction of the future Wonderscope building begins in October.

Her surprise reflects those of many in the area. It was a over a year ago when La Petite closed for demolition and over two years ago when Wonderscope announced it would relocate from 5700 King St., in Shawnee, KS, to south Kansas City, MO.

“This is a nice, big first step,” says Hill. “A huge relief. It feels like we’re on our way.”

A major factor in the delay has been funding. But Hill says the campaign for building the site has now raised $14 million. They are still in need of $1 million more.

Wonderscope will be located west of the Red Bridge Shopping Center.

Nevertheless, the project has begun. Hill says the demolition and cleanup will be complete next week. In September mechanical mobilization will take place, which includes grading, utility relocation, and retaining wall and signage put in place. Construction on the building will begin in October.

Hill estimates the project will be completed in October 2020.

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  1. This is great The fundraising, I guess, is out there for completion, parents and grandparents will have a close-in place of WONDER and the beauty will be in the eyes (–and mouths–) of all the children!

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