Candidates file for November 5 special election

The candidates who have filed for the November 5 special election are Democrat Mark Sharp and Green Party Roberta “Bob” Vorhees.

South KC to vote in special election November 5

Governor Mike Parson has called a special election for Tuesday, November 5, to fill the vacancy in the Missouri House of Representatives from the 36th District in south Kansas City created by the April resignation of DaRon McGee.

By law, the members of the Democratic and Republican county committees representing the six wards in south Kansas City that are wholly or partly in the 36th District must select their nominees and file their names with the Missouri Secretary of State no later than 5 p.m. Thursday, August 22.

The candidates who have filed for the November 5 election are Mark Sharp, age 33, representing the Democrat party, and Roberta “Bob” Voorhees, age 34, representing the Green Party. The Republican party will not have a candidate in the special election due to glitch in the process. Nola Wood, age 67, was the nominee for the Republican party but missed the filing deadline by 10 minutes. Wood says she may consider being a write-in candidate, which is the only way she can get her name on the ballot at this point, according to the Secretary of State.

Whoever is elected will be sworn into office on January 8, 2020, the first day of the 2020 session of the Missouri General Assembly, according to the Secretary of State‚Äôs office. 

The 36th District generally goes from State Line Rd. on the west to almost Raytown Rd. at one point on the east and from the I-435/I-470 corridor on the north to Martha Truman Rd. on the south.  However, the district extends south past 125th Terrace near the Kansas border and as far north as Bannister Rd. between Hillcrest Rd. and Blue Ridge Blvd.

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