The Chiefs 2019 Season Preview

Fifty years ago, Lenny Dawson led the Chiefs to a Super Bowl victory. Do the Chiefs have what it takes in 2019?

Chiefs 2019 Season Preview

By Sam Kombrink
I attended the second preseason game at Arrowhead. After getting my credentials, I headed up to the press box. Immediately upon exiting the elevator I see the most beautiful view of the Kansas City skyline. As I noticed this, I spotted an older gentleman sipping on a cup of coffee looking out at the same view. I realized that it just so happened to be Mr. Lenny Dawson. I walked up to him and introduced myself. He told me to have a seat. We talked football.  I then asked if he knew a family friend by the name of Jerry Cornelison, who played on the offensive line for the Chiefs during the 60s. Lenny remembered his old teammate Jerry, he said “I can’t remember what we used to call him, but he did a good job protecting me. My whole line took care of me.” He asked me, “Do you think that’s important?” And I said, “Yes sir, on both offense and defense.” He then replied with, “Yeah, mine wasn’t too bad.”

Quarterback Len Dawson led the Chiefs to a Super Bowl victory in 1969. Can Mahomes to the same 50 years later?  Photo by AP. 

I must have ended up talking with Lenny Dawson for about 20 minutes or so, and it was an absolute honor to talk with him and hear what he had to say. I walked back to my seat and felt like I was in a dream.

The Chiefs have made their final cuts for their 53-man roster. They have signed a veteran running back, LeSean “Shady” McCoy from the Buffalo Bills. McCoy, 31 years old, was drafted by the Eagles in 2009. During his time coached by Andy Reid (2009-2012) McCoy racked up 3,866 rushing yards, 30 rushing touchdowns, 1,588 receiving yards, 220 receptions, and 8 receiving touchdowns. The signing of McCoy adds depth to the offense. McCoy will share carries with Damien Williams and rookie Darwin Thompson. When you add his elusive abilities to an offense commanded by MVP Patrick Mahomes, you’re looking at another record-breaking year for an offense that was third all-time in scoring a year ago. 

As for the Chiefs defense, they have changed to a different scheme. The new scheme is a 4/3 Defense which puts four men on the line, which allows the Chiefs to do a good job of stopping the run while also applying pressure and getting to opposing quarterbacks. A strong defensive line was a trait of the 1969 Super Bowl Champion Chiefs, and the 2019 Chiefs hope that they have one just as strong and mean. I believe linebacker Damien Wilson will make a big impact for the linebackers in 2019. As for the secondary, look for safety Tyrann Mathieu to be explosive. Rookie safety Juan Thornhill, who can play both safety and cornerback, will be something to watch as well, adding athleticism and versatility. 

There is reason to assume that Mahomes could throw for 50 touchdowns again, especially with his new additions. But the main goal is to win the Super Bowl in Miami. Owner Clark Hunt said this to his team “This team can get back there, and when we do, we’re going to win that trophy. That trophy has my dad’s name on it, something that is very important to the organization. Once we do that, then we’re going to go to Miami and win the Lombardi Trophy. Anything less is not going to be a success.”

 I believe the Chiefs will have a record of 13-3, defeat the Patriots to win the AFC Championship, and beat the New Orleans Saints to win their second Super Bowl in franchise history. 

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