Christian activist Shane Claiborne to speak at Social Justice Revival

Sundays Social Justice Revival at First Baptist Church, Red Bridge and Wornall, features Claiborne, who stirs up questions about the church and the world, and challenges people to truly live out their Christian faith.

Noted social justice author to speak at First Baptist Church

Noted author and speaker Shane Claiborne will be the keynote speaker at a Social Justice Revival on Sunday, September 22, at 3 pm.  It will be held at First Baptist Church of Kansas City, Missouri at 100 Red Bridge Road at Wornall. The event is free and all are welcome.  

Shane Claiborne

 Claiborne is a prominent speaker, activist and best-selling author who focuses on the intersection of Jesus and Justice.  He founded The Simple Way in Philadelphia. Claiborne is a graduate of Eastern University, and has served with Mother Teresa.  Among his books are “The Irresistible Revolution, “Living as an Ordinary Radical,” “Red Letter Revolution: What if Jesus Really Meant What he Said?”, with Tony Campolo; “Beating Guns, Hope for People who are Weary of Violence,” and “Jesus for President, Politics for Ordinary Radicals.” Claiborne heads up “Red Letter Christians” with his friend, Tony Campolo, a movement of folks who are committed to living “as if Jesus meant the things he said.” 

Claiborne’s presentation is followed by workshops by a number of Metro Kansas City ministries that focus on serving the poor.  A Q&A session at 5 pm ends the event. 

The Social Justice Revival is planned by the pastors of area American Baptist churches and institutions.   An offering will be taken with the proceeds divided between the ministries present for the workshops. Several of Claiborne’s books will be on sale at the event.

Co-hosts include Central Seminary, Bethel Neighborhood Center, Prairie Baptist Church, Journey Church, First Baptist Church of Overland Park, First Baptist Church of Turner, and First Baptist Church of Kansas City, MO.

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