Rehab takes center stage at Healthcare Resort of Leawood

The Healthcare Resort of Leawood offers short-term, long-term and assisted living apartments, but it is the therapy room that is “the hub” of the complex.

Rehab takes center stage at Healthcare Resort of Leawood 

Story and photos by Kathy Feist

A crowd of smiling faces had gathered inside the pub at the Healthcare Resort of Leawood to hear fellow resident Buddy Martley perform with the Blue River Country Band. He sang “My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You” along with “Jericho Road” and “Old Country Church.” Martley used to sing and play guitar with some of the band members back in the day. This performance was different. It was his first since suffering respiratory complications. With the help of his occupational therapist Connie Faulkner, he is making a comeback. Martley even succeeded in baking brownies and inviting friends to his special event. 

Martley is a short-term rehabilitation resident at the Healthcare Resort. He is one of many there to receive speech, physical and/or occupational therapies. 

“Our therapists here are exceptional clinicians,” says Tammy Dowd, Director of Business Development. “They are some of the most caring people I’ve ever worked with.” 

The Healthcare Resort of Leawood, a new $18 million facility built in 2016, provides three levels of care: short-term, long-term and assisted living. 

But it is rehab that seems to take center stage at the Healthcare Resort. “Our therapy room is the hub,” says Dowd. In fact, the therapy room, which is much like a large, open gym, is one of the first things you see when you enter through the building. It is located across from the greeting area and behind to The Bistro, which stocks sodas and snacks in a concession stand like manner. 

The therapy room is chockful of equipment designed for physical and occupational therapy. It also includes Nautilus gym equipment for outpatients who wish to return for cross training. 

“We want to drive our rehab forward,” says Ethan Quinn, Director of Physical Therapy. He was quick to point out their newest acquisition, the Barihab, which electronically helps the patient to perform sit-to-stand exercises without the therapist having to do any physical lifting. 

The Leawood facility was one of the first in the state of Kansas to procure an interactive digital screen called The BITS. The computer helps stroke patients practice cognitive and visual skills so they can return to driving. 

The therapy room also has a full kitchen where patients relearn practical living skills. Outside the gym, patients practice walking on different terrains in a small therapy park. 

Rehab residents live on the east wing of the building and are there anywhere from a week to 100 days. 

On the west wing are the  long-term residents. The Healthcare Resort accepts Long-term Care Medicaid. 

Finally, assisted living residents have the entire second floor, which has its own dining room, movie theater and pub. 

Other amenities at the Healthcare Resort include salon services, a putting green, an outdoor fire pit, al fresco dining and activities and recreational outings. 

Currently, the Healthcare Resort of Leawood is offering a special $99 a day offer for those who still need temporary assisted living but perhaps have been discharged from the hospital due to insurance stipulations. The offer includes a stay in a private suite, three meals a day and 24/7 nursing services. 

The Healthcare Resort of Leawood is located at 5401 W. 143 St. For more information, call (913) 249-3600 or go to

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