Jack Stack banquet facilities to close in Martin City

After the holidays, Jack Stack’s Martin City banquet facilities that re located south of the restaurant will go up for sale.

Jack Stack’s Private Dining facilities will soon be up for sale. Photo by Adam Vescovi

Jack Stack to close Martin City banquet facilities after holidays

By Kathy Feist

Jack Stack BBQ will be closing its two private dining facilities located at 136th and Holmes after the beginning of the year and placing them up for sale, according to Case Dorman, owner of the homegrown barbecue franchise. Reservations for the 150 seat banquet facilities can still be made between now and December 31. 

Private dining parties can be booked at the newly opened Fiorella Event Center, located in the Ritz-Charles Plaza, 9000 W. 137 St. in Overland Park, KS. The Center seats over 900 people.  It also serves as Jack Stack’s new headquarters, which was originally located in Martin City until 2011. 

Meanwhile, Jack Stack BBQ is moving forward with reconstructing the Martin City restaurant at 135th & Holmes Rd. Currently, the contractors are demolishing the south parking lot, back service dock, and a few storage buildings to make way for a bigger kitchen.   

“The parking lot on the south side will no longer be a parking lot, only a new kitchen,” says Travis Carpenter, Vice President of Jack Stack BBQ. All parking is now north of the building. And the kitchen, which has been located in the north half of the restaurant will move south. 

Other amenities to look forward to are a full service bar, an expanded carryout space, and more convenient patio space with added seating. 

The website www.martincityremodel.com will keep customers updated throughout the remodel process. The completion date is Spring 2020.

To book a party in the Martin City banquet halls (before they close), call 816-941-4309

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