The Dumit family has been cleaning rugs since 1929

Since 1929, Kansas Citians have relied on Dumit Rug Cleaning Services to clean their area rugs.

Photo: Dumit Rug Cleaners celebrates 90 years in business. Pictured are Dave Dumit, Connor Dumit, Dennis Roger and Todd Dumit. Photo by Kathy Feist

Dumit Rug Co. has been cleaning rugs since 1929

By Sue Loudon 

Children are back in school and you just discovered it’s your turn to have the family Thanksgiving dinner at your house. How long has it been since you cleaned kitchen drawers or really deep cleaned your carpet? 

If you have area rugs you may need to get them washed professionally. 

“We are the only company left in town that washes rugs with soap and water to get them clean all the way through, not just surface clean,” said Dave Dumit, owner of Dumit Rug Cleaning Services at 7746 Wornall Rd. 

19-year-old Connor Dumit shampoos an area rug. Photo by Kathy Feist

Dumit is a family business, started 90 years ago by Henry Dumit who immigrated to the States from Syria at the age of five. Over the years the business has traveled from 34th and Park in the Midtown region to Hickman Mills–until Marion Labs took over–to its current location, formerly George’s Imports, a Saab dealership. Dave began driving trucks at the age of 16 for the company. Now that he is semi-retired, his son Todd and 19-year-old grandson Connor run the business along with manager Dennis Roger. 

“ Dogs and cats create 75 percent of our business. You have to clean the backing on the carpet to get the urine smell out completely,” said Dave. He says the Dumit process can remove 98 percent of allergens. 

Dumits will pick up and deliver various sized rugs as they have since the beginning. 

Dumit says an added service is cleaning and storing rugs while customers’ floors are being refinished or they are moving across town. “We then deliver them to your new home so you don’t have to pay moving companies to move large, heavy carpets,” said Dave.

For more information, call 816-523-8588. 

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