Apartment plans approved for 104th & Wornall, but will they materialize?

JPL Development was successful in getting apartments approved for the controversial piece of property. But will it all be for naught?

This rendering shows a view looking northeast toward the proposed apartments at 104th Terrace and Wornall Rd. 

Will there be apartments at 104th Terrace and Wornall Rd? 

By Kathy Feist

Plans for the proposed apartment complex located at the northeast corner of 104th and Wornall was approved by the full city council on September 26. The vote was unanimous with one city councilperson abstaining: Andrea Bough who represents the 6th District where the apartments are located. She cited a conflict of interest. Bough is employed at the law firm that represents the JPL Development. 

While the plans for the apartment complex has been approved, the property has yet to be purchased by JPL, according to Stacey Johnson-Cosby, realtor for the property. She says information should be forthcoming on the sale in December.  The Telegraph reached out to JPL, but they did not return our inquiries.

JPL Development announced their plans in June to build four three-story buildings totaling 160 high-end apartments on the 6.24 acre lot. Surrounding neighbors, who have fought several proposed developments on the property, were concerned about traffic flow in the area. 

Studio, 1- and 2-bedroom apartments will be offered, with rent varying from $1200 to $1800 per month.  Apartment sizes will range from 500 to 1137 sq. ft.  

Amenities will include a community room, pool, gym, yoga area, barbecue grills, wifi and a dog park.

Units will be constructed with sound-absorbing materials to help mitigate noise.  Interiors will include granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and side-by-side washer /dryers.  All units will have patios or inset balconies.

Of the 160 units, there will be 9 studios, 103 1-bedroom and 48 2-bedroom apartments.  Four different 1-bedroom styles will be available, along with three 2-bedroom styles and two studio styles.

The complex will include 258 parking spaces.  All internal roads will be completed before building construction begins.

To review the plans, as well as the associated traffic study, visit the CompassKC website (https://tinyurl.com/y264kwj6) and click on Attachments.

1 thought on “Apartment plans approved for 104th & Wornall, but will they materialize?

  1. Some questions to ask JPL:
    1) Why no underground parking and, if no reason except “cost”, will the surface parking lot have non-porous parking surfaces? (Look at your water bill for the water bill rates…)
    2) There’s no TIF, but… will it be then be financed, eventually, by a TIF district set up for the area by one of our commissions, committees, sub-governmental and non-governmental agencies—just to get it built?
    Some questions for our [very livable!] City councilpersons (and the City’s Law Dept.:
    Since a flood plain / wetlands study was completed by (?), then:
    1) Will the Fed. DOT under the commissions regulating the Federal Interstate Highway System (and MODOT, too) have to approve changes to the thrice-already-changed I-435 at Wornall Rd. (NOT Wornall Boulevard as the JPL Plan calls it) for the traffic study that was done based on the added traffic and two timeframes of day used?
    2) Will the federal USDA and its various agencies regulating flood control along the Blue River system have to approve any changes based on the ‘within 500 feet of wetlands’ mandate?
    3) Will the Missouri Dept. of Conservation have any requisite approval for the flood plain / wetlands study?
    I won’t ask any questions regarding solar-panel-powered electricity since the excess ‘tricity can no longer be ‘sold back’ to any utility company that operates in the state of Missouri anymore [due to changes by our Legislature (General Assembly and Senate) along with the incremental approvals by our last three governors.] Besides, JPL wants to build (mostly…) on the north side of the hill(?)
    People should know, and remember, that the Soap Box Derby was run down this hill back in the ’60’s. Jim Bridger would have approved, I think… I dunno…

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