Super Natural Health Food Center in Grandview has been keeping customers healthy for 40 years

The magic that has kept this small health food store going for 40 years lies in the owner’s expert knowledge.

Super Natural Health Food Center Celebrates 40 Years 

By Sue Loudon 

Customers have been visiting the Super Natural Health Food Center in Grandview for over 40 years. It’s not because of the bottles of vitamins, which  can be found anywhere. It’s because of its owner and founder, Joseph Titone.

Joseph Titone is the owner of Super Natural Health Food Center in Grandview. Photo by Sue Loudon

Titone has owned and operated his Super Natural Health Food Center for over 40 years at 12706 South 71 Highway, just a 1⁄4 mile south of Truman Corners Shopping Center. He is a walking encyclopedia on the products he sells and the symptoms that they may help. As one customer stated in a recent review: “ [He] and his staff are very knowledgable! They’ve helped my husband better tolerate chemotherapy and Hodgkins Disease, helped my son with stomach problems that baffled many doctors–turned out to be an enzyme definciency.” 

Sometimes his enthusiasm on the products he sells can be overwhelming. 

“During this time of year you need to power up your immune system so you won’t worry as much about colds and flu,” says Titone. He has a sign near the buy one get one free vitamins saying exactly that. To celebrate being in business for so long he is selling  Super Vitamins, which include lots of green vegetables and no iron for $24.98. 

For seniors, Titone recommends his special calcium vitamins for older women to prevent bone loss and specialized prostate vitamins for men.  

Super Natural is located at 12706 S 71 Hwy in Grandview.

Titone is very selective where he gets his products from. 

“My fish oil vitamin supplier is very careful of the source. Japan is still having problems with radiation so we do not get it from them,” he says. “We sell Mediterranean grown wild oregano, not oregano grown in Mexico which had some problems with pollution.” 

After 40 years, Titone is an expert on health and vitamins. But he knows there are limits. 

“We are not a drug store,” he emphasizes. “But neither chemicals nor vitamins heal the body. The body heals itself. We need to keep it healthy so it can work properly.”. 

In addition to vitamins and supplements, the store sells naturally concentrated and biodegradable cleaning products. 

Super Natural Health Food Center is open Monday to  Friday from 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday 9 am to 5 pm.  Orders can be mailed for $10.00. For more information, call (816)765-1135. 

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