Feeling holiday stress? Chiropractor offers quick adjustments and wise advice

Allstar Chiropractic is known for quick visits, which is perfect for the busy and stressful holiday season.

Chiropractor says it’s stress, not heavy shopping bags, that create back problems during the holidays

By Kathy Feist

The stress of the holidays can often create havoc on the back: cooking, cleaning, shopping, decorating. 

But according to Dr. Casey Barry, owner of All Star Chiropractic, it’s not the heavy shopping bags that create back problems. It’s the stress that comes with the holidays, he says.

 “People are so stressed out. They come in and they will complain of low back pain or migraine. You ask them what happened, and they will say ‘I’ve done nothing different,’” he explains. “Well the ‘nothing different’ is the stress they’ve added.”

Dr. Casey Barry adjusts Chris Cavanah, football coach for Warrensburg High School. Photo by Kathy Feist

Under normal circumstances, people with a misaligned spine, or subluxation, can operate with no pain at all. “But lack of pain doesn’t equal health,” Barry says. “When people add stress to the subluxated area, it finally brings it to the forefront.”

Barry practices a barebones approach to chiropractic  that takes only two or three minutes of the patient’s time. “Patients lay down, get adjusted and leave,” he says. There is nothing fancy about it. “I get a lot of compliments from people who come during their lunch break for a quick adjustment.” 

Removing the pain is only part of the body’s healing process, says Barry. He recalls one patient coming in for leg pain, and after two or three adjustments was cured of incontinence. “By adjusting the bones over time, you remove interference in the nervous system so the body can naturally heal itself,” he says. 

In 2009, Barry purchased All Star Chiropractic from Dr. Ken Downing who for 15 years operated from 97th and Wornall. After a brief stint at 92nd and Wornall, Barry relocated to 13354 Holmes Rd. in Martin City in 2017. It ended up being a smart move.   “People see my sign by the road and pull in while waiting for the train,” he says. Martin City’s contractors, landscapers, budding athletes, and desk employees eventually filled his waiting room and then shared referrals. 

Barry has specialized in the treatment of athletes–he was a baseball player at Avila. He now receives referrals from Avila’s athletic department, Center School District, the T-Bones and even the front office of the Royals.  He has now branched out into a family practice, treating people of all ages, including infants. “When babies with colic are adjusted, the gas is removed,” he says. 

The holiday rush can make just about anyone colicky. In addition to a spinal adjustment, Barry recommends these preventative measures: 

  • Shop online. “Nowardays we have the advantage of shopping from home,” he says. He recommends making a list and shopping from your computer.
  • When shopping at stores, go when it is less busy, such as the middle of the day. This helps avoid standing in long lines.
  • Wear good, light-weight shoes. Avoid high heels or heavy boots. 
  • Don’t do it all in one day. 
  • Avoid carrying heavy bags. Take them to the car and return to shopping. Don’t be tempted to carry them around so that you are weighted heavy on one side. 

All Star Chiropractic is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday  from 9am to 1 pm and 3 pm to 6 pm; Tuesday and Thursday from noon to 6 pm,  and Saturday from 9am to noon. Call (816) 942-6066 for more information. 

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