Last day to enter your home the Telegraph’s Holiday Homes Decorating Contest

Today is the last day to enter your decorated home or your neighbor’s to be one of four winners in our Holiday Homes Decorating Contest.

Holiday Homes Decorating Contest adds a fourth category

We started off with three, and now we have four prizes for the best decorated homes in our readership area. 

Sidelines Custom Florals joins the Martin City Telegraph, Rosehill Gardens and Euston Hardware as sponsors of the popular south KC decorating contest. 

The Sidelines gift prize will go to most traditional, classy lighted yard. 

The prize for best overall is $100 in cash from the Telegraph.  For most elegant as well as best usage of plants and trees is a $100 gift certificate from Rosehill Gardens. And a $100 gift certificate from  Euston Hardware will go toward most creative and most lights. All four winners will receive a yard sign. The top 10 decorators will receive Christmas cookies from . 

To participate, go to  or simply email your name, address, and phone number to . Last year’s winners  are not eligible to compete this year.

Judging takes December 17.  Judges will include participants from Rosehill Gardens, Euston Hardware, Sidelines Custom Floral Designs, and the Martin City Telegraph.

The winners will be announced in the December 20 edition of the Telegraph

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