2019 Holiday Homes Decoration Winners

Here are the winners of our 2019 Holiday Homes Decorating Contest. Thanks to all the wonderfully creative owners who entered.

Martin City Telegraph Winner John Rechtin Jr. created an outdoor wooden Christmas village to accompany their home wrapped in blue lights at 9 W 108 Ct, .

South KC lights up with winners

By Kathy Feist, editor

Oh what fun it is to ride through south Kansas city when judging the Holiday Homes Decorating Contest. Just about all were astounding. Some were pure art. Some were over the top. Others had character. While a few were minimalistic by choice. But only four could win. 

This year’s winners are:

Martin City Telegraph Award – Rechtin residence, 9 W 108 Ct.

Rosehill Garden Award – Dickerson residence, 13316 Cherry St. 

Euston Hardware Award – Brookerd residence, 9915 Mercier

Sidelines Custom Florals Award – Read residence, 10535 Walnut

This wooden village display with motorized Santa and reindeer was built in 1962 by John Rechtin Sr. His son John Rechtin Jr spent the past year restoring and rebuilding it. Photo by Howard Williams.

9 W 108 Ct.

Several nominations were received for the Rechtin residence. “You won’t believe it until you see it,” remarked one neighbor. This year the John Rechtin erected a hand built wooden Christmas village tableau against their decorated house wrapped with blue lights from side to front. It can be enjoyed both day and night. They win a $100 cash prize from the Telegraph.

13316 Cherry St

The Dickerson ranch home located in Martin City is lined with string lights as well as flashing strobes. This year they filled their chainwire fence with colorful lights in addition to lighting up their trees and yard. They win a $100 gift certificate from Rosehill Gardens. 

9915 Mercier

The Brookerd residence is another ranch home that outlined their home with different colored lights and placed characters in their yard and on the roof. They win a $100 gift certificate from Euston Hardware.

10535 Walnut Dr.

The Read residence is completely wrapped in hundreds of strings of lights of multiple colors. They win a $100 gift from Sidelines Custom Florals. 

Winners are not qualified to enter in the following year. 

All entries were spectacular. The question is, did the judges do it right? You can go for a fun ride with friends and family and decide for yourself. Here are the top 10 candidates following a route from Martin City to Ward Parkway and back down again. 

  • 13316 Cherry St.
  • 1300 E 130 St.
  • 1329 E. 109 Terr.
  • 10535 Walnut Dr.
  • 8342 Flora Dr.
  • 7210 Jarboe
  • 9915 Mercier
  • 9 W. 108 Ct. 
  • 11234 Glen Arbor
  • 317 W. 115 Terr.

Thanks to all who entered and are keeping south KC a great place to live! 

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