Letters to Santa

See what these sweet children have written to Santa for their Christmas wish list this year. (It may very well help you with your shopping list!)

Letters to Santa

Our youngest readers have written their letters to Santa and await his visit on Christmas eve. Santa has shared those letters the children have placed in the Box to Santa at the Red Bridge Mid-Continent Library over the past month.

Dear Santa, OOX – Olivia, 3

Dear Santa, Thank you for coming to our dinner last night. I really like my squishy. I’d still like more presents like a car that drives on a wall. I would like pictures of your reindeer and will leave you cookies. Thank you,  – Adam, 4

Silvia, Age 5

Dear Santa,  I am Ceci and I want fake money, ice cream shop, unicorn, Polly Pockets, and a Moana doll.  Love,  – Ceci, 4

Dear Santa, Can I have a Batman toys? – Billy, 5

Dear Santa,  I hope you have a great Christmas! – Silvia, 5

Lawrence, Age 5

Dear Santa, I would like a pogo stick and Paw Patrol, walkie talkies. And a Woody hat. Merry Christmas! –Lawrence, 5

Dear Santa, Please bring me an ice cream set.  – Juliet, 6

Dear Santa, This year I would like a pony stick horse, a rag doll and Snow White mittens.  I am 7 years old and I’m going to leave cookies for you! – Anna, 7 

Dear Santa, I will like an iPad for Christmas please. – Reagan, 7 

Dear Santa, I would like Kaya’s horse, Steps High. Ihope yuo have a Merry Christmas, Santa.  Penny, 7

Penny, Age 7

Dear Santa, Can I have a Dogman book because every day we go to the library and we cannot find Dogman books. And can my family get candy, too? Bye Santa. Have a good day.  From Dulce, 8    (Heart Santa)

Dear Santa,  I have been good this year. Please bring me toys. I want these: Light up Avengers toy, Bat Cave, Big Hulk, & Spiderman costume for my bear. Thank you. Nelli 

Santa, This year for Christmas I want AirPods, gaming PC, Modern D20, Apple watch, 100 dollar XBox1 gift cards, 1000 dollars, drone, Nerf guns, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, gaming headphones, camera, Lebron 16 shoes, FaZe Clan merch, Spy Ninja merch, giant sized KitKat bar, gift card to Red Robin yum. My family graced. – Cortez, 9

Carter, age 9

Dear Santa,  Thank you for giving people presents and for giving me presents. I am really thankful for all the stuff that you have done. Really all I want for Christmas is a hat, some pants, Nintento Switch, Lego set, and some hoodies, and some Hot Wheels.  Thank you for all the stuff you have done. – Carter, 9

Dear Santa,  For Christmas I would like a ton. Raina Telgemier graphic novels, graphic novels in general.  I hope, and I know, I was not naughty but nice. I hope I wake up Christmas morning with graphic novels under my tree. And Pixel coloring books.  Elexi, 10

Dear Santa, I really want a puppy or a bike but I mostly want a puppy. Can u get me it? I can’t buy one. It’s too much money. Can u get me a puppy, please!  – Daphne, 10

Santa, What I want for Christmas this year is AirPods, Apple computer, shoes, clothes, Apple watch, lip gloss, both bombs, face masks, and last but not please please give me family.  – Ciara, 12

Special thanks to the Red Bridge Mid-Continent Library which hosts the Telegraph’s Letters to Santa Box every year. 

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