Center starts construction in 2020

A lot more construction will be seen at Center School District in 2020 due to the $48 million no tax increase bond that was approved by voters on April 2.  Around 82 percent of voters approved a bond that would support safety and security upgrades, infrastructure and maintenance projects and early childhood/elementary building updates.    

The school district has announced the following overview of construction updates.


  • All district school restrooms–except two schools, Center High School and Indian Creek Elementary –will be under construction this summer

Early Childhood and Elementary:

  • The Early Childhood pre-construction preparation will begin mid-January
  • The new Indian Creek Elementary pre-construction preparation will begin mid-February
  • The Center Elementary secure entrance pre-construction preparation will begin mid-January
  •  The Red Bridge expansion pre-construction preparation will begin mid-January
  • Roof construction at Red Bridge and Boone will begin next year

Middle School, Alternative and High School:

  • Center Middle School gym construction will begin after Spring Break
  • Center High School restrooms will begin August, 2021
  • Roof construction at Center Alternative School will begin next year
  • Chiller construction work will begin summer 2020 at CHS

Already in progress:

  • Secure entrance projects (Boone, Center Middle School and Center High School)
  • The parking lots have been repaved (across the District)
  • Lighting has been updated  (across the District)

With all construction projects, some of the timelines and developments may evolve. If you have questions, please reach out to our facilities department: 816.349.3325.

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