New Apostolic Church opens in south KC

The New Apostolic Church converts former tanning salon into a place of worship.

Cover photo: The New Apostolic Church at 13212 State Line Rd. combines both Raytown and Overland Park congregations. Photo by Sue Reames

New location for New Apostolic Church

By Sue Reames

The area’s newest church, the New Apostolic Church, held its Open House Saturday, January 11, despite the snow and ice and numerous metrowide event cancellations. “We rarely cancel,” said David Wilson, Rector. Besides, a mailer had been circulated inviting visitors to stop by to meet him and view the new facility. By the end of the day, coffee, plates full of desserts, and a meat tray donated by their new neighbor Windy City sat barely touched. Nevertheless, the New Apostolic Church had remained true to its word, welcoming those who made the trip.

The New Apostolic Church is located at 13212 State Line Rd, occupying the southeast corner of The Village of Seville Shopping Center, in what was once the Celsius Tanning Salon. Worship starts Sunday, January 12, at 10 a.m. with services at 10:30 a.m.

“This site is the result of an arduous five-year search,” reports Wilson. He says the new facility is in a good location for members who hail throughout the Kansas City region. The building has undergone extensive remodeling to accommodate worship activities.

The New Apostolic Church has its roots in the early 1800’s with a group of Christians in England and Scotland desiring a renewal of the early Christian church’s worship practices. Within 150 years, the Apostolic Church had approximately 11 million members around the world. The New Apostolic Church in the USA began in Chicago, Manhattan and Buffalo, spreading eastward. Today the denomination has churches in 250 locations across the US. Although diverse in both membership and cultural context, the churches are connected by a common mission and vision which aims to create healthy Christian congregations whose members continue to develop in spiritual maturity as they prepare for Christ’s return.

The New Apostolic Church was planted in Kansas City in the 1920’s, occupying a location at 39th and Genessee Street. In 1972 the congregation moved to Raytown where its membership grew. A second congregation was formed in the 1980’s in Overland Park. Both congregations are united into one and ready to worship on State Line Rd.

To learn more about the New Apostolic Church, go to David Wilson, Rector, can be reached at (816)529-3015.

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