The best place to celebrate National Hot Tea Month is at the Gilded Lily

Gilded Lily in Martin City is hosting a high tea on Sunday, January 26, from 3:30-6 pm


Chocolate tea. Hot cinnamon sunset tea. Orange blossom white tea. Blueberry green tea. English Breakfast tea. Paris tea. Titanic tea.  Emily Bronte tea. Herbal tea. Loose tea. Bagged tea. Gilded Lily has around 50 different varieties of gourmet tea sold in collectible canisters from the likes of Harney & Sons, Simpson & Vail and Thés de la Pagode.

So when National Hot Tea Month is celebrated in January, it’s only fitting that Martin City’s vintage and boutique store hosts an Afternoon Tea.

Sunday’s tea will feature English Breakfast tea from Harney & Sons and Orange Blossom White tea from Thes de la Pagode.

This Sunday afternoon, January 26 from 3-6 pm, Gilded Lily will be serving a luxury and high end tea complete with champagne and sherry, a scone course, a savory course, and a sweet course. Each course is served on English vintage transfer ware and tea is served in vintage glassware. Each attendee is also offered the choice of champagne or sherry with their treats and will also take home a tea swag bag (valued at $10).

Gilded Lily is located at 612 E. 135th Street (off 135th & Holmes Rd). Tea party seats are limited. Tickets can be purchased online at

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