Telegraph now offers digital newspaper option

The Telegraph can be sent in its entirely to your computer the day it is published. For Telegraph lovers, the paper is offering a special Valentine’s Day price!

Telegraph goes digital

For years, you’ve asked us for a digital version of the paper. I am happy to announce The Telegraph can finally be sent to your computer to read in its entirety, advertisements and all.

There are several advantages to reading the newspaper online: 1) you do not have to go out looking for the paper, 2) you can click on advertisements and websites mentioned in the articles and 3) you will get the paper the day it is published and 4) you will have the current issue and previous issues on your computer to easily access.

The cost will be $25 a year. During the Valentine’s Weekend, to those who are Telegraph lovers, we are offering an introductory rate of $14 (as in February 14!). To subscribe, go to


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