Laundromat offers discounted drop-off/delivery service to help keep clothing sanitized

“We are an essential fight against illness because of our hot water temps and dryer heat settings,

Laundromat offers discounted dropoff and pickup laundry service

By Kathy Feist

Quinn’s Laundry at 99th and Holmes realizes sterilization is key to fighting the spread of the coronavirus and have decided to help battle the invasion.

“We are an essential fight against illness because of our hot water temps and dryer heat settings,” said Helen Graham, one of the owners of the laundromat.

Quinn’s is offering discounted laundry drop off and pickup and delivery drop off. The charge is $1 per pound with a $15 minimum (15 pounds). To keep the clothes sanitary, no folding is included. Laundry must be dropped off in a plastic bag. Quinn’s has several on hand. 

Graham considered closing.

“We are staying open and allowing people to come in and start laundry,” says Graham. But as soon as the laundry is started the customer must return to their car along with their baskets, soaps and other non washable items. No folding allowed inside the laundromat. 

Graham has created some strict rules to keep the laundromat open for everyone’s well being. “People are more important than money or convienence,” she says. But she has laid down some strict guidelines:

  • Do not crowd others while loading the washer or dryer
  • Do not stand at the washer/dryer to watch your clothes
  • Over soaping is not going to help clean “germs”
  • Empty your machine when it is finished, all machines have timers on them that indicate how long it will run.
  • Do not block the isles with laundry baskets, carts or yourself.

Wipes are available to clean phones and soap to wash hands.

For more information, call (816) 942-7311.

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