Tired of staring at the same four walls? Here are some of the newest paint trends

The farmhouse look is still very popular.

Photo: The farmhouse look is still popular in Kansas City. Photo by Matt Cody.

Considering painting? Here are the newest paint trends seen in KC

By Kathy Feist

So you’re stuck inside. Look around you. Does your home need a little upgrade? Maybe you still have the pink walls from the 90s. Or the “everything tan” from the Tuscany period. If so, it’s a good time (what else is there to do?) to transform your surroundings. 

Matt Cody, owner of Saints Painting, has been painting homes for 20 years. He has repainted enough walls, cabinets, and exteriors to know the trendiest shades in Kansas City. 


Cody says the farmhouse look is still very popular in Kansas City. 

The trending color is white. “Everything white,” he says. “It’s very clean and lets the fabrics and other pieces bring color to the space.” He recommends Benjamin Moore’s Snowbound or White Dove paint colors. 

Other trending colors are bluish gray colors such as Benjamin Moore’s Buxton Blue. He says soft pastels also seem to be making a come back. 


Many homeowners are painting over wood cabinets, avoiding the staining process. In addition to all things white, Cody sees colors such as pewter, light gray, black and white combinations, and jewel tones being used. 


Gray is still a popular color for the exterior of the house. However black with white trim is starting to trend, according to Cody. He warns that when painting a dark color outdoors, like black, be sure to use the top of the line products that resist fading, such as Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams. 

Ensure insurance

Finally, Cody advises hiring a painter who has liability insurance and workers compensation. “By law, if a painter is hurt on your property, you are liable,” he says. 


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