Soundproofing measures being installed at Grandview shooting range

“Crews have been at the site since late April working on soundproofing measures.”

Grandview begins shooting range soundproofing measures 

By Tyler Schneider

Photos by Bill Rankin

In efforts to lighten the sonic assault that the new shooting range has dished out on some residents, the City of Grandview is in the process of installing a 12-foot SonoGuard Perforated Fiberglass Sound-Absortive Sound Barrier, manufactured by Louisiana-based soundproofing company, Sound Fighter Systems, on the range’s north side.

“Crews have been at the site since late April working on soundproofing measures,” Grandview Communications Manager Valerie Poindexter said. “They are currently pouring footings for the wall and it’s expected to arrive within the next few weeks. Once the wall is installed, then the plan is to follow up with another sound study.” 

While the footings are poured, city officials like Grandview City Inspector Brandon Moore conduct tests for variables like moisture content, air entrainment, and making samples to send out for compressive strength tests.

Existing structures now have sound absorption material applied to them, including the south wall (pictured) and surrounding barriers. 

The 100-yard, state-of-the-art range was approved by voters in a 2014 General Obligation Bond and featured an original price tag of $1.1 million. It was supposed to remain open to the public after originally setting up shop on Sept. 9 of last year, however it closed just three days later due to noise complaints. On Sept. 23, 2019, over 30 residents came to a city meeting to express opposition to the noise.   

Administered by the Grandview Parks and Recreation Department, the site has been utilized by the Grandview Police Department for training activities while it has been closed to the public. It will eventually reopen and charge a set fee for civilian use on select days throughout the week, pending the wall, sound tests and, if needed, additional phases of renovation. In the meantime, police will be conducting training at the old shooting range. 

Poindexter will announce more information once the results of the next sound test are available.  


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