Get to know your candidates: Missouri House District 25

Missouri House District 25

By Tyler Schneider




Patty LewisPatty Lewis (D):

Nurse and business executive Patty Lewis looks to channel over two decades of leadership experience in the healthcare sector towards winning the seat that is, for the moment, still occupied by Greg Razer (now a candidate for Missouri Senate District 7).

“I decided to run because I am extremely concerned with policies that are in place. People are being left behind at an alarming rate,” Lewis said. “I believe we will pass (Medicaid expansion) in August, and from there it will be my duty to protect the will of the voters. I will be your advocate and I look forward to fighting for a better future for us all.”

Based on the number of endorsements she has received, Lewis is obviously not alone in believing that she is the individual best suited for the position.


Drew RogersDrew Rogers (D)

Drew Rogers likes to mention that he was born at St. Joseph Hospital — firmly entrenched in District 25 territories. Now, the practicing attorney and Waldo resident circa 2012 is betting that his existing legal experience could help him represent the people of the very district in which he has spent the majority of his life to date    

“I look forward to bringing my skills as an attorney to bear for the people of south Kansas City. I also look forward to being a representative who is accessible and approachable,” Rogers said.

Issues involving infrastructural improvement projects and criminal justice reform also sit firmly in Rogers’ radar, among other concerns such as  combatting income inequality, opposing Missouri’s status as a ‘Right to Work’ state, health care reform and promoting fair housing practices.  

“There’s a role to play in the legislature for oversight, to make sure Medicaid expansion is implemented and that it is being implemented the right way, for example,” Rogers said. “I will be in those committee rooms and those hearings to help facilitate that.”

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