Avila professor pens book on economic growth, donates proceeds to scholarship fund

Sales Benefit Scholarships

All proceeds from direct sales by Avila University Press of a new book by south Kansas City community leader and Notre Dame Professor Emeritus Dr. Larry Marsh on how economic growth can benefit everyone will go directly to Avila’s student scholarship fund.Marsh_Hardcover_3D-resized-copy

Marsh’s book entitled Optimal Money Flow:  A New Vision on How a Dynamic Growth Economy Can Work for Everyone examines the economic impact of everything from local initiatives such as revitalizing Red Bridge Shopping Center and constructing neighborhood sidewalks to national issues such as providing vaccinations for contagious diseases and approving tax loopholes and international issues such as implementing tariffs on foreign goods.  It also discusses how extreme income inequality causes instability.

More details about the book are available on the book’s website https://optimal-money-flow.website/ where persons also can sign up for a free monthly newsletter.

Marsh is forgoing all royalties and paying for the production, shipping and handling of all his books sold directly by Avila University Press, and the entire $24.95 purchase price will go to the university’s scholarship fund.  Books can be purchased at https://www.avila.edu/aupress/optimal-money-flow-by-lawrence-c-marsh.


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