Let them play! Avila rated third in KCAC division

Let Them Play!

Kansas City remains optimistic that there will be football played in 2020

By Sam Kombrink

Summer is ending and society continues to adapt to the new changes. For example, put yourself in the shoes of a student athlete or a coach at this moment in time. It’s business as usual for the Avila University football program as they prepare for the upcoming season, remaining optimistic that they will get to play this fall and go on a deep playoff run in the Spring of 2021.

I had the opportunity to stop by a practice and interview head coach Marc Benavidez of Avila University about adapting to the new changes this football season.

“Everything has been hectic as all get out man,” says Benavidez.  “Lifting for an example takes us 12 hours just for our entire team to lift. Only 24 people at a time can fit in our locker room. But other than that football is football. We have to have certain protocols–coaches are wearing masks–but at the end of the day were probably light years ahead of where we were at this point in time a year ago.” 8MbQfE8S_400x400

How did the COVID-19 Pandemic affect your job, and what obstacles has the program had to face?

“The biggest thing for us has been communication with the guys, especially during the spring time when they weren’t able to stop by our office. So we couldn’t watch over them and help them academically whether they were all the way across the country, or if they were in their dorm rooms. We help facilitate guys with academics and grades. There were players that didn’t have a laptop that our school sent a laptop to and did whatever they could to try and help them out.”

Who are the key players returning, and who are some new players who have impressed you in camp?

“Fortunately for us on offense we have a vast majority of players returning. A couple of obstacles we are going to face is that we are Covid testing players. So, in all reality your best players can test positive and must quarantine because they have been with somebody else. So anybody that is healthy is going to be extremely important for us. 

But the number of all-conference guys who are coming back is vital for us. In terms of newcomers we have a bunch of freshmen that may be potentially starting for us on defense. In fact, all starting defensive backs could potentially be freshmen. We have potentially a couple of offensive linemen that were waiting on eligibility who could be potential starters for us.

Following the most successful pair of seasons in program history, this team is projected to finish in the top 3 of the KCAC Conference, what do you believe is this teams full potential?

“The full potential is to go and make the playoffs in the springtime. We have a lot of ability but there are a lot of question marks and obstacles that we have to face between now and then.”

 You can visit the KCAC Conference website to view their schedule that may be subject to change. . https://www.kcacsports.com/article/6749

High School Football Scores – Week 1

School districts across the world are adapting to changes in their athletic programs as a result of the Covid pandemic. It is important for the student athletes to play so that they can continue to realize the benefits of learning life lessons in team sports.  

  • Raymore-Peculiar  42  
  • Rockhurst  34


  • St. Joe Central  29
  • Ruskin  0


  • Grandview  19
  • Truman  17


  • Belton  48
  • Raytown-South  0


  • Center  21
  • Christ Prep Academy  12

Week 2

  • Rockhurst 24
  • Park Hill 3


  • Park Hill South  42
  • Grandview 0


  • Center 40
  • Marshall  6


  • Ruskin ( Postponed)



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