Police need help finding source of Sunday night gunfire in south KC

Residents in south Kansas City were mystified by the sound of gun shot Sunday night that continued sporadically from 9:45 to 10:30 pm.

By  Monday morning, South Patrol was also mystified.

“The police haven’t found shell casings anywhere,” says Mary McCall, Community Interaction Officer for the South Patrol. “They found absolutely nothing. And we had 15 officers on the call. There is no information at all.”

In addition to police, emergency crew and search helicopters were dispersed to the area between Wornall and Holmes in the Red Bridge area.

The police are requesting residents check their Ring doorbell videos for any information. If anyone does have information or saw the suspect or the suspect’s vehicle, he or she should call McCall at 816-672-2828 or email mary.mccall@kcpd.org.

“If you only heard the shots, you do not need to call,” she says. South Patrol and 911 reportedly received hundreds of call from those who heard the gunfire.

It is speculated that shots were fired from a moving vehicle into the woods. No one was found harmed.

According to McCall, this is the second consecutive Sunday night that gunfire was heard throughout the area from Red Bridge to Blue Ridge, between Wornall and Holmes roads.



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