Longevity Nutrition Smoothie & Juice Bar, owned by sisters Florence (left) and Adrienne (right) Curry, recently opened for business this past July.

Longevity Nutrition Smoothie & Juice Bar “shakes” it up

Longevity Nutrition Smoothie & Juice Bar ‘shakes’ it up

By Zakery Finley  Photos by Kady Weddle

The demand for fitness and nutritional products has skyrocketed over the last few years. Nutrition shops across America have thrived on account of advancements in supplemental nutrition and nutritionally fortified foods. Longevity Nutrition, a Smoothie & Juice Bar located on 712 Main St. in Grandview, owned by sisters Florence and Adrienne Curry, recently opened for business this past July to rave reviews.

“As soon as I walked in, I felt welcomed.” said first time customer Derriesha Woods. “These two ladies are amazing. Very patient, down to earth, and helpful. The vibe was so genuine and positive. I told them they now have a regular customer.”

Florence “Flo” Curry has been a certified personal trainer and fitness coach for the last 15 years and Herbalife Independent Distributor for eight. Herbalife is a fitness-based company that produces health supplements to aid in weight gain and loss, energy, fitness, and even skin and hair care. Some may remember Flo as the “Zumba Queen” at the View Community Center. 

“My goal has always been to open a nutrition club,” says Flo 

Adrienne Curry joined the Herbalife team in February 2020 and is working towards becoming a licensed yoga instructor. 

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Longevity Nutrition offers an array of specialty shakes to meet each customer’s specific needs. Optional ‘ad-ins’ include energy teas to boost metabolism, aloe flavors to soothe the digestive tract, B12 and ginseng supplements, as well as many other protein powders and vitamins/minerals in a multitude of delicious flavors. 

“It can be a bit overwhelming for our first-time customers,” said Adrienne. “I like to walk our new clients through the three-step process board we’ve created to help simplify the options.”

Longevity Nutrition strives to provide nutritional supplementation and macronutrient-friendly meal replacement shakes to not only the fitness community, but to everybody. The Curry’s gourmet offerings include Fall flavors such as Apple Pie, Butter Pecan, and Caramel Pecan CinnBun, and coffee flavors such as Caramel Macchiato and Cherry Almond. 

Longevity also offers exercise classes, utilizing their back-patio space and parking lot, protein bars and snacks, and an assortment of Herbalife products. Florence and Adrienne frequently host health focused events such as dance camps and Paint n’ Shake and also offer shake taste testing to demonstrate to customers that at Longevity Nutrition, you can enjoy delicious shakes while also getting loads of vitamins and minerals.

With their arsenal of health foods and exercise training available, Longevity Nutrition aims to motivate individuals to adopt a healthier lifestyle through dieting and exercise. 

Most people want to be healthier but may lack the knowledge and the motivation to make a change in their life and diet. Longevity Nutrition, and the fitness community as a whole, is full of encouraging people that are always motivating others to reach their health and fitness goals. 

Join Flo and Adrienne for their upcoming Smooth Jazz Happy Hour on October 30th from 6-8pm. 

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