The Daily Limit has live entertainment every Friday night, but the interior décor is pretty entertaining in itself. Photo by Ingrid Wilson

The Daily Limit shuts down after 25 years

Editor”s Note: The Daily Limit, a longtime establishment at the Red Bridge Shopping Center, has closed its doors after 25 years. This article first appeared in the printed edition of the Martin City Telegraph on May 17, 2016. We are running it again as a tribute.


The Daily Limit

A Review by One of Its Favorite Patrons

By Joe Sturgess

Stu Gentry and his friend Mike Mitchell had extensive backgrounds in the food and drink industry so they hey decided to form a partnership and start their own food and drink establishment. In 1995, they bought a business on the north side of the Red Bridge Shopping Center and christened it The Daily Limit.

The Daily Limit became an extension of the two men’s personalities: Gentry’s big smile and easy going personality, and Mitchell’s high energy and love of life.  It soon became a popular place where friends could meet for conversation, food and drink. It was a happy place to gather.

The Daily Limit’s décor is visually engaging.  Banners and flags hang from the ceiling, the walls are adorned with sports memorabilia, stringers of fish, trophy mounts of antelope, bison and even a “jackalope”.  It is possible to sit without saying a word, and look from ceiling to wall and be entertained.

In 2001, Mitchell became ill and died. Gentry soldiered on but it wasn’t as much fun as it had been. He passed away unexpectedly in 2010.  His wife Bonita was working on her physical therapy assistant certification at Penn Valley Community College at the time. She made the decision to leave college and take on the challenges of running The Daily Limit. 

“People that work with you become friends and in fact are an extended family,” she remembers. “I felt an obligation to safeguard their livelihoods. I had to try. Stu and Mike loved the Daily Limit, so it seemed important to see that their legacy, and memory endured.”

“So here I am six years later, working as hard as I can and loving it.”  

 Bonita ensured that all licenses and permits were brought up to date and transferred to her name. She expanded the menu. Vegetables and fruits are bought fresh, including tomatoes from Bill Keller’s produce stand during the summer months. Meat is ordered from Steve’s Meat Market in Desoto, KS. She updated and added the electronics to flat screen TVs with Direct TV and installed a satellite Juke Box with WiFi.  Perhaps one of the favorite things that Bonita has done is the Friday night live music dance bands.  A variety of bands play from 8 pm until midnight and the Daily Limit really jumps.  A great time is had by all.

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