Santa's Bakeshop at 411 E 135 St. is open Thursday-Friday from 4-9pm and Saturday-Sunday 12-9pm throughout the holiday season

Santa’s Bakeshop in Martin City opens

Santa’s Bakeshop will be open Thursday-Friday from 4-9pm and Saturday-Sunday 12-9pm throughout the holiday season!

Something new is brewing in Martin City

By Kathy Feist

On Thursday, November 12, Santa’s Bakeshop, 411 E 135 St.,  will open one week prior to Santa’s visit to Martin City’s Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Celebration on November 19. When he arrives, he will be pleased to see a Martin City version of his bakeshop up north, thanks to the Martin City Brewing Company.  

Santa’s Bakeshop will offer hot chocolate, freshly baked Christmas cookies, and holiday-inspired ice cream starting November 12 and through the holiday season.  Outside there will be photo opportunities with large wood cutouts, including Santa’s sleigh, a snowman,  the Grinch, and a giant cup of coffee. Two 17-foot Christmas trees will be decorated with animated lights set to music.  Inside the tented patio will be a blast of heat, tables and chairs, televisions displaying Christmas movies and the intoxicating smell of freshly baked cookies. 

Creative Director Lynn Pierce had her work cut out for her when she created Santa’s Bakeshop in Martin City. Photo by Kathy Feist

Santa’s Bakeshop is the brainchild of Martin City Brewing Company’s Creative Director Lynne Pierce. She proposed the idea to Matt Moore, owner of the brewing company, and he gave her the go-ahead. “It’s my first big entertainment event,” said Pierce who formerly planned events for a local coffee company and now works with Love, Coffee in Lee’s Summit, also owned by Moore. 

“We hope that while families grab a pizza (at nearby Martin City Pizza), they will stop by Santa’s Bakeshop and make a whole day or evening of it,” she says. 

The cookies will be made fresh by Love, Coffee pastry chef Kelsey Clement. Holiday inspired ice cream will be created by The Scoop (another subsidiary of Martin City Brewing Company) and will include flavors such as peppermint or  gingerbread. 

The cookies and ice cream offerings will change throughout the season.

Mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirts and stickers with  holiday slogans such as “Wonderful time for a beer” will be available for sale. In addition, Bags of Blessings tote bags will be sold for $25, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to local food pantries. 

Santa’s Bakeshop is not immune to the coronavirus mandates and will enforce safe distancing and masks. 

Santa’s Bakeshop will be open Thursday through Sunday starting November 12, with the possibility of expanded hours as the holiday approaches. 


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