New chiropractor opens clinic in Martin City

“We believe the body is more intelligent than anything out there. It knows how to heal itself.”

Positions Chiropractic opens in Martin City

By Kathy Feist

Dr. Chris Pounds says he’s a small town farm boy at heart. And that’s why a location like Martin City appeals to him. It’s also why he believes in giving friendly, personal care to his patients.

“I grew up with a small town mentality,” he says. “Everyone is family.” 

Pounds opened his chiropractic clinic, Positions Chiropractic, on November 23 in the former Subway location in Stateline Point Shopping Center, 13615 Washington St., near 135th St. and 150 Hwy. His former practice was in downtown Overland Park. 

Dr. Chris Pounds treats back pain, personal injuries, headaches and more at Positions Chiropractic, 13615 Washington St. (next to Paris Nails) in Martin City. Photo by Kathy Feist

Pounds, who is originally from Haysville, Kansas, says he is not the kind of chiropractor who rushes you through a visit. He expects to give 20 to 30 minutes of his time working with the patient, diagnosing with different physical therapy modalities.

For instance, a spinal adjustment may need the assistance of his Intersegmental Tract Table that stretches the spine with massage-like rollers. 

Or an adjustment may be enhanced with Electric Muscle Stimulation Therapy which can block transmission of pain signals being sent to the spine and brain. 

Other modalities may include hot and cold therapies. 

Pounds says most painful discomfort can be diagnosed by a chiropractor, who must complete four years of medical college. However, instead of prescribing medicine, a spinal adjustment is administered. 

“We believe the body is more intelligent than anything out there. It knows how to heal itself,” he says. “But as we get older things begin to interfere with the normal healing process. So we remove the interference so the body can naturally take care of itself.”

Pounds is taking all the precautions with Covid safety protocols. Reservations are one of them. For more information, call 816-298-3848. 


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