Letters to Santa from the young at heart

Dear Santa,
This year for Christmas all I want is to see my family happy and healthy…
And if you can, a FULL TIME maid who washes, folds, and puts away laundry.
Lauren, Age 34

Dear Santa,
How are ms. Claus and the reindeer? I just got a palate expander. I want some grape flavored japanese soda, and some lego friends, and the usual stuff for christmas. How are you doing during this year? Well that is all I can just about think about. Merry Christmas.
sincerely, Violet Noel, 9 years old

Dear Santa,
I want Stranger Things bed sheets that say “keep calm and eat eggos” on them. And in my stocking some L.O.L. dolls. That is all.
Maggie May, Age 9

Dear Santa,
I wish to have more time (childhood) and a lightsaber!
-Grace Jackson, Age 16 (too old)

Dear Santa,
Baby, Legos, Kitchen, Motorcycle, Super hero – Little Baby
Harper, Age 3

Hey Santa,
Can I have clothes for Christmas? Uh that’s it. OK. Bye, Don’t eat too many cookies. We don’t want you to blow up.
Lucy, Age 12

Dear Santa,
I want a skateboard with teal stars and the rest pink. I also want a purple Fobi Smart Watch. Tell me if I am naughty or nice. I also want my mom to not work so hard.
Caroline, Age 7

Dear Santa,
Toy house.

Dear Santa,
This year for Christmas all I want is to see my family happy and healthy…
And if you can, a FULL TIME maid who washes, folds, and puts away laundry.
Lauren, Age 34

Dear Santa,
Harry Potter stuff
Luna Lovegood’s wand
Airpods or money
Kenzie, Age 9

Dear Santa,
Chocolate chip pancakes for (illegible)
Mini-fridge + lights for Aunt Olivia
Straightener for Gigi
Steve, Age 3

What’s popping old fat dude?
Hope all is well.
Tyler R, Age 15

Hi Santa, How are you?
Can I have a pair of Ultraboosts for Christmas? Thanks!
Ellie, Age 12

Dear Santa,
I want a camcorder, Clothes, Jewelry
A trip to Europe and a French lifestyle
Savannah, Age 16

Dear Santa,
I have been good 🙂 What I want for christmas is a model train, a remote control car, nintendo games (super smash bros ultimiate, mario cart) I also want Lego city legos, and lego start wars legos. Also any fact books, or foxtrot books would be great. (bold is what I want most). Thank You.
Teddy Noel, Age 12

Dear Santa,
I want a Baby Yoda please please mommy, write baby yoda. Mommy, please? Please draw baby yoda? For Santa?”
Jack, Age 2

Dear Santa,
I want LOL’s, American Girl and her stuff. Junie B Jones Books. Lego Friends, hula hoop, Christmas pj’s. Have a good Christmas!

Hello Santa!!
How have you been doing? Have you, Mrs. Claus and the elfs been doing ok? Telepea Trixie has been sooooooo funny!!! She hid in a jar yesterday!!!!!!! It was hilarious!!!!! Here is my Christmas List.
Lego Star Wars Tie Fighter
Hula hoop
Lego Star Wars Storm Troopers
Ninja Kid book 2

Dear Santa,
I want a gaming setup for Christmas so I can be a YouTuber. And a VR headset.
Maverick, 8

Dear Santa,
Can you get my mom and dad a new car?
Brener, Age 8

Dear Santa,
I love Santa! I like Santa! Santa is the best! Merry Christmas!
Greyson, Age 5-½

Dear Santa,
I have been very good. Here is my Christmas list.
New dog
Cookies Swirl C Barbie
Lego friend
Feisty pets
Fake food
Frozen legos
Olaf stuffy
And some surprises
Merry Christmas!
Love, Ivy

Dear Santa,
A glitter LOL doll
Charlotte, 5

Dear Santa,
I want a stuffed animal.
Love, Lily 6

Dear Santa,
Skateboard and Max costume
Cecilia, Age 3

Dear Santa,
Figit toys , Baby Alives, Air Pods
Zoey, Age 7

Dear Santa, 
This is my Christmas list.
Cat treats
New dog
Canned dog food
Love, Max the dog

Dear Santa,
I really want a Michael Jordan signed basketball. I also hope my aunt gets healed from cancer and the world could be happy again. I understand if you can’t get these requests. Merry Christmas!
Love, Kate Age 11

Dear Santa,
Merry Christmas! In my opinion I have been very good but if you want any further proof you can also contact my parents. But anyways, here’s my Christmas list.
The pickle the dinosaur or cousin derp onesie
The Eustace and Shelly slippers
Emily Bela: kids crop tops, girls hoodies, cute plaid (yellow or blue)
A2Z 4 Kids: Kids girls skinny jeans denim ripped fashion stretchy pants
Or Martens women’s Averil fashion boots
Nenalayo cute kitty cat snack pillow pudding
An iphone
An Apple watch
Skateboard Wheels
An RC car
My ears pierced
A Nintendo Switch
LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express
LEGO creator 3 in 1 pirate ship 3169
Any sort of LEGO minecraft thing
Lapgear cup holder lap desk with device ledge- rose gold marble
17 My dethan moon lamp moon light night light
A waterproof Go Pro (blue)
An RC helicopter
Minecraft Transforming Sword/pickaxe
Minecraft: The End: an official Minecraft novel
Minecraft: Guide to Redstone
Minecraft: Epic bases
Think Geek Minecraft
You can also surprise me if you would like.
Yours Truly, Eva

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