Previous Red Bridge Curves owner Joanna Rangel (right) sells her club branch to now multi-club owner Sara Mader (left). Photo courtesy Joanna Rangel

Changes at the Curves Red Bridge begin with new ownership

.After 17 years at Red Bridge Shopping Center, Joanna Rangel sells her Curves franchise. “Sara’s young, she’s a mentor and she’s experienced.”

By Christina McDonough Hunt

It’s official! Multi-club owner Sara Mader is the new owner of the Curves Red Bridge location.  Mader is excited about the opportunity and has been hard at work to ensure the success of the Red Bridge location.  

Since taking over the club on December 2, Mader has kept most things the same, such as the 30-minute full body workout program, but also has implemented a few changes. The club underwent a makeover with new equipment and a new layout, which gives the space a bigger, more open feeling. In addition to the physical changes, the club is now offering a new series of classes for members and non-members called the Health and Wellness Education Series. Classes include Posture and Balance, Stretching and Stress Management, and Pelvic Floor Strengthening. Also being offered is an online workout program called My Curves On Demand with new hybrid memberships that include both in-club and online membership. Mader knew she wanted to become a multi-club owner. Her original plan was to purchase a club in Liberty, but the pandemic changed that idea. Then Curves Red Bridge owner Joanna Rangel reached out to her.

“Buying a second business in the middle of a pandemic and an economic recession was not something I had planned on, but I knew that I had to take the opportunity when Joanna contacted me,” Mader said. “Curves Red Bridge has a great membership and a great location, which made it appealing.”

The two originally met because Mader is a mentor for Curves North America and travels several times a year to train new club owners and their staff to help them succeed. Rangel knew of Mader’s desire to become a multi-club owner and when she felt it was time to sell her Curves business and focus on her family and real estate career, she reached out to Mader.

The year 2020 has had a significant impact on many businesses. Gyms and health centers are no exception. Rangel did not want to see Curves at Red Bridge fail – another reason she looked to Mader for long-term stability and experience.

“Sara’s young, she’s a mentor and she’s experienced,” said Rangel. “Even with the pandemic, I wanted to see Curves succeed and selling to Sara was a good way to keep it going.”

Mader started her career with Curves two years ago and has worked in the health and fitness industry for nearly 10 years. She graduated from Liberty University with a master’s degree in sports management-sports administration and has an ACE Personal Trainer Certification. Her specialty certifications include knee injury prevention, nutrition and weight management, and senior fitness.

Mader said the members are what makes Curves so special. She most looks forward to forming lifelong friendships and watching them get stronger and healthier while helping women in the surrounding communities learn more about the benefits of exercise.

“Curves is more than a gym,” she said. “It’s a place where women come to feel better and encourage each other.” She appreciates the fact that many Red Bridge members have been attending for more than a decade and range in ages up to 93 years.

“I love how Curves keeps women moving and active well past an age when many people are starting to decline,” Mader said. “Curves North America has been a leader in women’s health and fitness for 28 years and I want to give everyone a chance to see why our program works so well.”

Rangel said selling her business has been bittersweet. She will most miss the daily interaction with her members and staff. But she knows that selling Curves was the right thing to do.

“I loved my staff and the ladies,” she said. “It’s like I was leaving a family, but I am happy that I sold to Sara. She’s already doing good things for the club and for Curves.”

Meanwhile, Mader is happy to be a new member of the Red Bridge community and looks forward to all that lies ahead.

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