Hamilton Wash and Detail is making people feel great one car wash at a time

“You feel good when you look good and a clean car gives you that feeling.”  

By Christina McDonough Hunt

Can a luxurious experience for your car help you to feel great?  The owner of Hamilton Wash and Detail in Martin City says ‘Yes!’ 

“It’s self care.  When you get into a fresh, clean car you think ‘I’m going places’.  You may even take an extra lap around the block,” Hamilton laughed.  “You feel good when you look good and a clean car gives you that feeling.”  

Hamilton, who prefers to go by his last name,  says he’s always had a passion for cars.  As a teenager, he would help friends take care of and clean their cars.  He originally began Hamilton Wash and Detail as a mobile business. Last year, he decided he ‘just needed to make it happen’ and opened his Martin City brick and mortar location in November at the former Bavarian Autogroup space.

“This location allows for a temperature controlled environment, which makes a difference in things like how the car dries from the wash,” he says.  “You go outside and dry your car, you get water spots.  Inside, it dries slower.  My job is to make your car look and feel brand new and being able to control the environment helps me do that.”

So, what makes a concierge service like Hamilton Wash and Detail different from a typical $7 drive-through car wash?  More attention to detail.  It is literally a hand wash.  

“We pay attention to all the nooks and crannies, including your wheels,”  Hamilton says.  “A drive-through wash has sprays and brushes, but it’s not hitting in there.  It doesn’t know how many times you’ve been mudding or how long it’s been since you last cleaned them thoroughly. We give you that extra attention to detail.  And pretty soon you have a brand new car or newer looking car.”  

Hamilton’s mission is to “serve others and grow God’s Kingdom.”  He says this business is his dream job which allows him to work and play at the same time.  He loves all the different elements to the business, but especially meeting new people.  “I want people to feel important,” he says.

Hamilton Wash and Detail services aren’t only for luxurious sports cars or antiques, it’s for all cars.  For many, vehicles can feel like home away from home. Hamilton says, “Our cars are often our second largest investment and if we take care of them, they tend to take care of us.” 

Hamilton offers several options for the care of your car. 

A 9-step hand wash treatment lifts the dirt from the surface of your car, washes it away, and helps to prevent scratches. 

Interior detail includes steaming, shampooing where necessary, including the ‘nooks and crannies’.  

An exterior detail includes an 8-step hand wash, decontamination, all plastic parts conditioned, and a wax application. 

 Add-ons include wheel cleaning, sealing, and Touch Point disinfection for those highly used areas.  Touch Point disinfection kills the viruses and germs that may be lingering on your car’s surfaces.  

Hamilton says a great way to protect your car is through a high quality hydrophobic application, which protects  paint, windows, windshield, and/or convertible tops from elements such as water stains, bugs, and bird droppings.  It also adds a layer of UV protection, which helps prevent fading.  

At Hamilton Wash and Detail the priority is to make the customers happy so they can keep their pride and joy looking amazing.  Hamilton says ‘service is what we’re created for’ and he wants his customers to know that he is genuinely happy they are there and he’s happy to serve them.   

He also wants to remind you that “friends don’t let friends drive dirty cars.”  

Hamilton Wash and Detail is located in Martin City at 57 W. 135th St.  Learn more at hamiltonwashanddetail.com.  Gift certificates are also available.

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