Butcher-Greene Elementary got a new playground over the summer. Photo credit Grandview School District. Photo credit Grandview School District

Grandview School District improvements for 2021-22 schoolyear

In the past, a guest visiting Martin City K-8 School would be buzzed in and immediately step into the school cafeteria. Then it was a guess at which direction (left) to advance toward in order to find the administrative office. 

No more. 

By the time school starts, Martin City K-8 will have a new secure entrance, a glass wall that leads the visitor to the new administrative office on the right of the building, away from the cafeteria. The new office space will include administrative suites for counselors which will provide more privacy for families. 

Elsewhere curtained walls were removed and replaced with drywall. 

Dr. Jennifer Harris, principal at Martin City, is also instituting a One School One Vision plan where students from both the elementary school and middle school will start school at the same time and be bussed at the same time. “Before, it was so disjointed,” she says. According to Harris, research shows this approach improves reading and math scores. “There is much more alignment with curriculum, a lot of opportunity for leadership and teachers working together. Students are able to work with younger students and sit together at lunch. It will create more of a K8 feeling. We don’t want two separate schools, we want one.”

Other Grandview School District improvements include transportation driveway and parking lot repairs/replacement, new Butcher-Greene  Elementary playground and Grandview High School fieldhouse office renovation. 

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