Jackson County announces plan to relocate mobile home park to make way for future jail

 Jackson County is announcing a $1.2 million relocation plan to assist residents of Heart Village Mobile Home Park. The plan, subject to approval by the County Legislature, includes a partnership with Community Services League (CSL) to provide specialized housing and relocation assistance to families through the use of social workers, a relocation consultant and housing assistance funds.

In addition to a relocation consultant, Community Services League also plans to hire two family stability specialists who would work with each family to address their individual relocation needs by conducting the following activities, including and not limited to:

  • Greeting and forming a working relationship with the families and mobile home park management
  • Conducting a baseline assessment of each family’s individual situation
  • Empowering families to use their voice and choice in deciding where to live and helping them navigate schooling concerns
  • Advising families about other CSL programs, like Career Trainings, and informing them on other public and private assistance programs that will make their relocation easier
  • Providing ongoing support and tracking the outcomes of families for one year

In addition, Jackson County estimates that costs for relocation and housing assistance will average $10,000 per household, including $5,000 to help cover any additional expenses.

Approximately one month ago, the County Legislature approved the use of $7,050,000 in budgeted funds to acquire the site located at 7000 E. U.S. 40 Highway that meets all of the criteria established by the County’s consultant, JCDC Partners, LLC of Kansas City Missouri. The County finalized the purchase of the property at the end of last week.

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