KC Spyder Ryder members White Lightning and Mike by their respective motorcycles.

KC Spyder Ryders hit the road for Halloween

Members of the KC Spyder Riders made their rounds this Halloween, appearing at various Trunk or Treat events on  exotic roadsters that seemed right out of a Marvel movie. 

At least two members chose to appear at Halloween events in south Kansas City.

White Lightning Polaris Slingshot looks like something out of a Marvel superhero movie.

At 1 pm, White Lightning (motorcycle name) rode in on his bright red Polaris Slingshot at the First Church of the Nazarene’s Trunk or Treat event. Another member, Mike (also his motorcycle name), followed with his brand new BPR three wheeler. Neither were expected at the event and both had to explain the KC Spyder Ryder’s Halloween mission: to give out candy and brighten people’s day. Members were making unannounced appearances throughout town, just as they have been doing for the past 10 years.

It wasn’t long before participants of all ages were stopping by their parking space to admire the vehicles, take selfies and grab some candy.  

White Lightning, who remained hidden beneath a scary and realistic disguise, said that by day he was a food distributor. This mission was a similar calling. “We like to bring candy to those kids whose families don’t have a lot of candy to give,” he says. 

Black Widow and Widow Maker.

Just as Mike and White Lightning ran out of candy, two other Spyder Ryders in full costume, pulled up: a married couple with the names of Widow Maker and Black Widow. 

By the time the couple had put their candy out for the trick or treaters, many of the youngsters had returned home. In their stead, volunteer parishioners gathered round the exotic three-wheelers. Pastor Shawn Siegfreid introduced himself. Before long, his teenage son was test driving one of the three wheeler through the parking lot.  

Widow Maker shakes hands with First Church of the Nazarene Pastor Sean Siegfried. White Lightning photo bombs in the background. 

Soon, the Spyder Ryders were packing up and heading to their next stop, the Red Bridge Shopping Center Trick or Treat event. After that, they planned to head to Boo at the Zoo, but only after a visit to WalMart for more candy. 

The KC Spyder Riders is a roadster enthusiast club for those who like to ride and do charity runs.  The group is a subdivision of the Kansas City Zac Rider Groups.


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