Candidates who have filed for local school boards and Grandview aldermen

By John Sharp

Filing has closed for the April 5 elections to select Grandview alderpersons and members of the Center, Grandview and Hickman Mills school boards.  

Candidates are listed in the order they filed for office which will be how they are listed on the ballot unless they are disqualified or withdraw their candidacy before the January 18 deadline for removing their names without a court order. 

In Grandview, Alderwoman Debbie Bibbs is unopposed for reelection in Ward 1.  In Ward 2, challenger Bud Day filed for office before incumbent Alderman Joe Runions.  In Ward 3, incumbent Alderman Ron Brownlee filed before challenger Thomas J. Rousey.  These positions are all 2-year terms.

In the Center School District, the three candidates for two 3-year terms are Ira Boydston IV, incumbent Ronald D. Fritz and Gayla Smith.  Incumbent Beverly Cunningham who has served on the Board since 2010 did not seek reelection.

In the Grandview School District, incumbent Dawn Foy, incumbent Helen Ransom and Josha Hill are running for two 3-year terms.  Incumbent Stacy Wright and Keith David Shaw are running for one 1-year term.

In the Hickman Mills School District, Terri T. Barr-Moore, Beth Ann Boerger, John Charles Carmichael, Clifford O. Ragan III and incumbent Cecil E. Wattree are running for two 3-year terms.  Incumbent Tramise Carter who was elected to the Board in 2019 did not seek reelection.

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